Roswell UFO Archeology Dig 2006

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In June 2006, Debbie and I were asked by New Mexico’s archaeologists Dr. Bill Doleman to help him with a particular project. This particular project happened to be an episode he was shooting for the Syfy channel. Dr. Bill was one of four co-hosts in a six episode reality television series called, “Sci Fi Investigates”. The other three co-hosts included, UFO researcher Richard Dolan, skeptic celebrity Boston Rob Mariano, and Lisa Van Camp their forensic analyst. Lisa was later replaced by forensic specialist, Deborah Dobrydney.

The six episode show debuted in October 2006 and this particular episode was scheduled to be their first, on Roswell. A shuffle of forensic specialists caused this episode to be aired later so as to introduce Deborah as the original specialist.

The following are pictures with descriptions from the archeology dig episode.

This picture shows the cast and crew for the Roswell episode.  (courtesy of Syfy)

Dr. Bill Doleman and I check the old dig site for possible traces of radiation with my “older model” Geiger counter. The 2006 dig gave me extra time to sweep the areas we previously worked and the new areas we are considering for possible radiation. I didn’t pick up any traces, which kinda made sense since I hadn’t lost any hair since the first dig. Now Dr. Bill I’m not too sure about.

This is the Archeology crew which worked this episode. Starting from the left: Dr. Bill Doleman, Debbie, me, Andy, Loui, and Alley Cat. Alley Cat was in charge of the back hoe.

Dr. Bill Doleman, Debbie and me near the Mac Brazel “Hines House”. We camped out at this location just outside the Hines house near the debris site. A week before we arrived this area experience a brush fire which swept through this location but spared the Hines house.

The Hines House, also known as the Brazel ranch house, or the Foster ranch house, was the place Mac and his son Vern stayed while tending the sheep.

This rare picture is the inside of the Hines house. The Hines house is on private land and Syfy had permission to enter. As you can see the ranch house is being used to store “hay”. Just imagine back in 1947, Mac Brazel, Marcel, Cavitt and flying saucer debris were housed at this exact site.

This is what our site looks like while conducting an archeology dig. The 5 gallon buckets and shovels are an archeologist’s best friends or worst enemies. Depends on how much digging you have to do. The orange flags marks the area in meter increments.

While Rich and I sift dirt, we talk about the archeology dig and discuss the days accomplishments. Meanwhile the Syfy camera team record every moment.

A Syfy camera man getting “tight shots” of my metal detector which they used for the episode. I broke out the detector to help Dr. Bill find his excavating stakes from 2002. The stakes (which are metal tent stakes) were driven under the top soil back in 2002 so the cows and sheep grazing in the area wouldn’t step on them and possibly cause injuries.

Here I’m teaching Rich Dolan the fine art of UFO archeology. Rich was a real trooper, he never worked in this type of environment before and he did a really good job. Talking to his wife sometime later at a conference, she described the hand blisters Rich acquired from our dig. Well Rich, now you’ve been officially initiated as a volunteer UFO Archaeologist. (ouch)

This particular dig, I was teaching Rob and Lisa proper techniques of trowel digging while working a site. Rob did pretty well, but Lisa was more careful in her work. With a little of my help, she found a horse’s bridal at this site.

The “The Mighty Dust Devil” in which Rob talks about in the episode did damage to the awnings the crew had set up.

(On the Right) Standing next to Rich and pointing, I start telling everyone to watch the papers as if it were debris from 1947. This proves how a common dust devil can move light objects at great distances. The point is, the debris site cannot be confined to just one small area. This was an argument I kept trying to explain to the “Skeptic” Rob.

The film crew records the conversation between Fawn and the Investigators. Just after they finished with their questions, Debbie and I stepped in. We had our own questions quite different from Syfy’s which really helped further our investigations.

Debbie is shown here with Mac Brazel’s grand daughter, “Fawn”. At a very young age she remembers her granddad speak of the debris and bodies he found. She also remembers how the sheep wouldn’t cross the debris field years after the military had cleaned it up.

Debbie took this picture while the film crew was filming their Investigators walk to their campsite. This scene made the final cut. In the background you can see my blue SUV and our tent. A funny story is when the film crew showed up they thought my tent was their tent. It was the largest with sleeping cots, lanterns, and table. I had to break the news to them while laughing at their small tents.. Boy was it comfortable.. and dry too! (that’s another story)

Alley Cat is extremely precise with his work. He can cut a trench in the ground next to a nickle without disturbing it. It was amazing watching him work.

This is the  trench in which Dr. Doleman was able to determine (in the episode) the previous 2002 anomaly was not a gouge left by a crashing flying saucer but bedrock near a coyote den.

To the right of the trench you see one of the dig sites I was working. This particular site the episode showed Dr. Doleman taping the top of the dirt with his trowel. He was listening and feeling for a difference in the dirt packing.

It’s discussion time. What we did that day, what will be the next day plans, was all discussed at the camp site. The RV was parked just outside the fence where the Hines house is located. Our tents are located behind the person taking this picture. (which is Debbie of course)

Rob enjoying a few sips of Alien Beer at the end of the day. You be surprised what you can dig up in the desert and find in an Alien cooler. Uh… the beer, not Rob.

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