Sheep and Dog Mutilation in 2011 / Another Cow Mutilation in 2012

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( Picture courtesy Brenda Harris ) gets paranormal reports weekly through submissions and through personal emails to me. This particular report was emailed to me personally from Brenda Harris of New Mexico.  The mutilation occurred on an Indian Reservation near her location, and due to it being an on-going investigation, I can’t go into details about some the specifics. The following message was the email I received from Brenda.

[ Expert from the email Brenda Harris sent me. ]

Hello Mr. Zukowski how are you? I just finished listening to your interview about how you were fired when you were doing an investigation on horses being killed and how they were killed. I have been doing some investigating on sheep killings out here on the reservation that started last June. A family contacted me about what happen to their sheep, 4 of them and 1 dog were killed. How they were killed shocked me when I found a puncture wound on their neck and their blood was sucked out of them. That’s all it wanted, was the blood and not one drop of blood was found around them at all. Two months later it came back and did the same thing to the the other sheep and this went on throughout the summer last year. This family lost a total of 9 sheep. The last incident happen in November last year but this one took 1 sheep and 1 dog and 1 ram. I do have pictures on all the sheep and goats that were killed.

I’ll send some pictures to you sometime this afternoon. One of the sheep looks like a perfect circle where the wool was ripped off, and also around the wool it sure looks like a burn mark. Around the wool and on the other sheep looks like a possible nail print.

Note: Brenda and I are in communication about her investigation in which I am sharing information about my cases to her.

I have received animal mutilation pictures in the past from website readers which have involved animals other than cows and horses. Goats and sheep were mutilated in the UK, Dominican Republic, and New Zealand. A few years back while investigating the Marley Woods case in Missouri with Ted Phillips, I interviewed a rancher who came across a mutilated coyote while hunting. Back in 2009 while investigating rancher Miller’s calf mutilation, I talked to a local rancher who lost a family dog a week before. All four of its paws were removed. The rancher said they appeared to have been precisely cut off. So it’s not uncommon for the mutilation phenomenon to involve animals other than cows and horses.

( Picture courtesy Windell Gillis )

Dodge County News recently reported a calf mutilation occurring on Saturday April 14th 2012 in Dodge County, Georgia.

[ Excerpt from the Dodge County News article. Link at end of this blog. ]

Windell Gillis found something very unusual when he went to check on his cows on Saturday, April 14. He found a four month old bull calf dead in the field. Gillis noticed that the calf had damage to one of its eyes. Then, he noticed something very unusual. A patch of hide approximately five inches across in a perfect circle was missing from the calf. The circle of hide had been removed with surgical precision, so much so, that there wasn’t even any bleeding.
Note: The circle of hide which had been removed was where the calf’s penis used to be.

The article stated rancher Gillis had never seen anything like this in his 33 years of cattle ranching. This rancher is obviously not an amateur when it comes to raising cows.  After his incident he was curious and started searching the Internet for other cases in his area and found there was a previous mutilation in Hall County Georgia in 2009. That mutilation had almost the exact same damage found on one of their bull calves. That rancher had another cow mutilated two weeks before the calf. The year 2009 was hot here in Colorado too with over a dozen animals mutilated that I know of. Rancher Miller lost a calve and rancher Sanchez lost four calves. Coincidence? Of course not!

I contacted rancher Gillis and we talked about his mutilation case and the similarities to the cases I previously investigated. He then sent me this un-released photo. If new information is learned from his case and he approves release of it, then I’ll post a follow-up blog

Thank you Brenda Harris and rancher Windell Gillis for sharing your personal information in order to educated all of us about this disturbing type of phenomenon.


Dodge County News article

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