Stanley Hotel: Ghost Investigation, April 2nd 2011

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On the weekend of April 2nd, my wife Tammy and I were staying in Estes Park, Colorado celebrating our anniversary. And the best way to celebrate an anniversary… uh … at least for me, is to sit in on a ghost investigation at the famous Stanley Hotel. Remember this hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s book, “The Shining”.The Shining was published in 1977 and was King’s third novel and first hardback bestseller. The movie was released in 1980 and in 1997 a television mini-series was done. The movie was never filmed at the Stanley Hotel but the mini-series was. Another movie filmed at the Stanley was “Dumb and Dumber”. Hotel representatives state while Jim Carey was filming “Dumb and Dumber” he was given room 217. This room is well known for it’s “ghostly activity’. Carey never made it through the night in that room and lodged elsewhere.

The following video is a segment of a ghost investigation at the Manor House. The Manor House, also known as the “Bachelor Building”, is just a couple of buildings off to the side of the main hotel. Back in the day, the bachelors were not allowed to stay at the main building which was only reserved for married couples and single women.

Two of the spirits who frequent the Manor House is Paul, a former Stanley employee, and Lucy, who was  a transient there. During the 1970’s while Lucy was in her mid 20’s, was living on the streets of Estes Park. She found refuge at the Manor House which was vacant at that time. Most of the time she hid in the cave-like tunnels behind the main rooms, but one particular room she like the best.

When restoration began at the Manor House, Lucy was forced out. Living on the streets within the cold mountains of Colorado, eventually caused her demise. Some say she returned to the building in which she called home and the one room she felt safe in.

This video is about that room.

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  1. Linda Flechtner says:

    I’d love to stay there!

  2. Christine Shook says:

    The door shut for me last night, very gently, as I sat alone on the couch nearest the door texting a friend. The compressor was not on at the time. Then later as I was dealing roulette, I retold my story to a player. Right after I mentioned that the week earlier the wheel landed on 00 quite frequently and had not at all tonight…and as I was speaking the ball bounced into 00. She and I looked at eachother and had a chuckle. So I joked that Lucy was my friend now and that my lucky number was 8 and placed a bet there and spun the wheel. The ball landed on 8. After witnessing the door shut on me in that room and the feeling that overcame me as it was happening (electric weird almost goosebumps) I am quite positive the wheel had ‘help’. Actually pretty freaked out by the whole thing and spending the day researching.

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