The Fourth Kind “Movie Fact or Movie Hoax”

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“The Fourth Kind” was written and directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and is his first major film project.  The film was shot in Bulgaria, Alaska, and Los Angeles, California on a very modest budget.  Trailers from the movie and its marketing department claim it’s a re-enactment of actual abduction cases which occurred in Nome, Alaska. The film also boasts having real documented file footage taped by the investigator.  Starring Milla Jovoich who is a 34 year old Ukrainian born actress, supermodel and fashion designer, she portrays a Nome, Alaska therapist who is involved in aggressive alien abduction investigations.

The term “Fourth Kind” originated as a UFO classification system derived by J Allen Hynek in the early 1970’s.

Close Encounters of the First Kind: Basic UFO sighting pertaining to unknown craft or lights.

Close Encounters of the Second Kind: A UFO sighting which leaves some form of physical evidence.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: “The Movie” Just kidding, usually beings are observed.

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind:  Humans abducted by aliens.

Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind:  Coined by Dr. Steven Greer includes bilateral contact.

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind:  This usually includes alien contact resulting in injury or death.

Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind: This encounter results in the creation of hybrids.

Close Encounter of the Eighth Kind:  Coined by me, is the ultimate sacrifice, marriage with an alien. I’m sure some of the readers actually believe they’ve experienced this one.

In September 2009, an investigation by the Anchorage Daily News examined the validity of the films claims including its relation to actual disappearances which occurred near Nome.  Their investigation found no specific alien type events to back up the claims in the movie.  The missing individuals recorded near Nome were a result of having a high rate of alcoholism combined with a harsh landscape environment.

Note:  Upon writing this blog I went to the Anchorage Daily News website to retrieve this particular article and its web site location was empty.  Maybe because of the amount of possible downloads to view it, or maybe something else. Only the Daily News knows for sure.

The movie claims Nome Alaska therapist Dr. Abigail Tyler was involved in a very intense alien abduction investigation in which she and her children were also abducted.  The abductions were so aggressive that it caused one of the abductees she was examining to commit murder suicide and another to physically break his back bone after going through hypnotherapy. The film also used split screen techniques to show the actress acting out specific situations alongside supposed documented footage portraying Dr. Tyler.  The movie also showed a police cam video of an abduction taking place.  So, is this film portraying an actual alien abduction investigation, or is this film just a Hollywood hoax?

Well let’s look at some issues:

– No bio can be located (at this time) on Dr. Abigail Tyler or info on her residence in Nome, Alaska.

– Nome, Alaska UFO investigations are scarce, and aggressive alien abductions probably would have been reported or leaked to accredited investigators somewhere in Alaska or Russia, “If they could see that country from their back door.”

– The document file footage portrayed in the movie appeared cheesy looking, purposely manipulated, and nothing like any file footage me or other investigators had seen on previous investigations.

– If a police patrol car cam had filmed a possible alien abduction, chances are the FBI would have acquired the film footage and it wouldn’t be available to any unknown film maker.

– The FBI did investigate missing persons in the area surrounding Nome and attributed those cases to the harsh environment and nothing unusual.

– Consulting other UFO investigators and researchers, we have never heard of Dr. Abigail Tyler or her investigations from Nome. We’ve also have never heard of any stream of abduction cases coming from that state.

So, in conclusion based on conversations and emails with other investigators, the film is nothing more than a Hollywood hoax.  The marketing team lied to the general public making false claims just to pad their pocket books.  As for the actresses and actors, well, they were doing what they do best, act.  If anyone disputes this blog saying the movie is factual, then put up or shut up, let’s see your evidence backing up your claims.  Now, obviously I’m not familiar with every investigation ever done or their locations, so I rely heavily on other investigators and researchers for help.  All my contacts came up with the same conclusion, “Hoax”.   Now on the lighter side, I enjoyed the movie and the way it played out. There were intense segments all through the film which had me on the edge of my seat.

So.. as a UFO investigator and a “not-so” film critic, I give this film, “3 stars, 1 moon, and a can of Spam”.

Update 10/24/2010: Read the follow up Blog to this post here

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For the past 28 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. (TV Shows in which Chuck's investigations have been featured on:) *2002, The Roswell Crash, Startling New Evidence: Documentary Sci-Fi Channel *2006, Sci Fi Investigates: Episode 5, The Roswell episode, Sci-Fi Channel *2009, Primetime: Outsiders, with Juju Chang, Alien Abductions, NBC *2010, SyFy Fact or Faked: Episode 6, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, SyFy Channel *2011, Chasing UFO’s, Episode 3, Alien Cowboys, San Luis Cattle Mutilation, Nat Geo *2013, Finding Bigfoot, Bailey Colorado episode, Animal Planet

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  1. Me Me says:

    Hello, I don’t know if this movie was a Hoax or based on Dr. Tyler’s experience… However I find it odd that so many people have gone missing in Alaska, and I do beleive that “they are among us”

  2. Michael says:

    I for one am a firm believer of UFOs, but this movie was pure entertainment. I did a little research about this film, Nome, Abigail etc…It turns out that Nome has no record of a Dr. Abigail Taylor ever working there. Nome Alaska is a flat frozen tundra landscape along the coastline. If UFOs did visit Nome, I’m sure people would have seen something. But what I find strange is…they never charged Dr. Abigail with the disappearance of her little girl.

    The truth is out there

  3. Spooky movie +
    Lying marketing executives
    1-1/2 hours I’ll never get back

  4. JC says:

    I had a few experiences when I lived in Colorado and here on the NYS Thruway in the late seventies and eighties.
    Due to my experiences my sister became very interested in the UFO phenomena. In the early nineties our local(Long Island) “Top UFO Investigator Fruit-nut” put together a seminar than my sister attended without me. A few days later I spoke with my sister about the seminar most of it was the usual nonsense like, people who channel aliens, local sightings updates, and a very disturbing “breaking” story from a guest investigator about a handful of indigenous people somewhere on a southwestern USA reservation that was wiped out “mutilation style”.
    Of course the story drew lots of questions from the attendees but the guest speaker was obstinate that he had no further info but that,… “UFO investigators from the area were watching the case very closely…. and that he would keep our Local investigator updated as they learn more”!
    My sister commented to me on the Investigators sincerity and that he almost seemed genuinely freighted by the event.
    Well, needless to say, we never heard anything more about it and eventually our local UFO fruitcake Investigator went to prison for trying to put plutonium in a local politicians toothpaste( Cant make this stuff up folks)!!
    The guest Investigator never gave an exact state or location of the incident, but to me it seems uncanny how the plot of this fictional farce of a movie parallels the story the investigator told the audience back in 1997.
    Could this movie be some attempt at misinformation???
    Sorry about the fake email adress but I dont want any friutcake Channelers and other wackos flooding my mailbox. I will be glad to give the author of this website exact info via email if he requests it!
    I’ve seen these things ……I know they exist…..THEY ARE NOT GOOD!


  5. Bobby Morrison says:

    Yes, they are among us and too smart to be fooled into getting photographed or filmed. FAKE, another Hollywood scam to make the monthly payment on the mansions.

    Yes JC, i also know of the grays, greys, or greyes and given the chance I would kill one with my bare hands. These aliens are GLACTIC GARBAGE, the lowest life form, scum sucking worthless trash. The entire race needs to be annihilated. And I sure would like to be involved in taking part in this. I would like to be the first human given the title of ALIEN KILLER.

    I saw the trailer a few times and realized then I would not waste my time or money. I wasted enough time viewing the trailer.

  6. johnny cash says:

    well again we are being lied to, or we are seeing some truth. either way, we need to understand that we will never know the truth until a group of ufos take out a major city by crashing into it and the gov. can’t get their smart little controlling hands on a event that can’t be covered up. will this happen? i hope. i fear for the ones who have to die, due to the arrogance of a controlling government. but they need to be exposed, cause they are nothing more than a bully, and liar that do not care about anyone but their “good old boy” political clubhouse.

  7. paulasmith says:

    Well!.. there are many people who know me to be the most “open minded” when it comes to Alien opinion but during the first five minutes of this film, with no previous research into it, I just thought “pathetic”! and I found myself quite ashamed at the promise of naive speculators this film will reel in! The actress playing Abigail Taylor should stick to Jerry Springer shows and the amount of `so called facts` that dont corroberate with what they have also got onto the net (at haste) is really the icing on the cake for me. I thought Fire in the Sky was more realistic ;0)

  8. Daniel Hurst says:

    OK, have seen this film. Loved it.
    Have you seen or heard from this woman who is supposed have had this done to her??
    Remember Blair witch project…we all thought this was based on real footage, but hey she turned up on a steven Spielberg’s mini series called taken…not have i seen this woman in any movie since..why lie like you say they have?
    For 1 its against the law to pretend like that…also try and think of it this way….the government can just a easily cover this shit up…Or how about Dr Tyler was saying this stuff when she was in Nome…the town folk would not want this coming out to the rest of the world and getting all this media frenzy…When asked they simply say “No never heard of her”

  9. razvan says:

    The movie is more a psychological illustration of the fear that can be a pathological one or just a little motivational engine who can prove one’s insanity, among other things, including the achievement of the whole meaning of life. Is the so called original footage the one that makes this film a horror one and a good commercial one. I don’t know why we search and here I can say that one who make a story, has a story. They say they changed many names and professions, although is interesting that the main char is a psychologist who has the ultimate weapon for establishing a contact: hypnosis. There are many who believe that hypnosis is as strange as the alien theme is, and that was the cop’s role in the 21th century. And I don’t know why we do scare, and this was the witness’s approach. If there is a ultimate force who can change the intentional characteristic of my own acts, then is stupid to blame myself or to believe that I can catch them and show the world that I am the one who has the meaning of life and I can start the war against mankind if there is someone who says I’m a sinner. It’s pretty interesting that the audio-video footage wasn’t enough and the ancient history and language, the genesis itself is brought in and the circle of an average madman’s theory is complete. More than that, the hypnosis as a contact method is used at some point to explore both, the inner self with the alien speech, and, the consciousness of that lady asking for her rights, although the dialog is made in two human languages, the first one and the one most used nowadays.

  10. paulasmith says:

    I agree Razvan, I believe most films/stories these days, infact ever written, have more important “sub-plots”? Included are metaphors and diversions and the Bible is a great example. I believe, amongst many, one of the hidden intentions of this film was infact to see how many naive people believe any of it! and what a powerful overthrow has the maker If the figures are as high as I believe haha.

  11. Pugs says:

    First of all I would like to comment to zukowski that the movie did say the names had been changed to protect identities because of you non-believers so of course you wouldn’t find an address for Dr. Tyler. I think you should broaden your mind a little and a least understand that there are so many sightings, there has got to be something to the UFO/Alien theory or do we have that many nuts walking the street at any given time. I would just like the truth from the government. I do believe they have covered up a lot of facts, just as they have suppressed other documentation regarding their faults. Think about it is it not so hard to believe that there is a government cover up?

  12. georgeo says:

    zukowski i tottaly agree with you. the “real parts” seem so fake to me. I dont belive there are so much evidence and no one listen about it. media are like sharks, if there is such story they will already publish it. It seems to me like blair witch or paranormal activity…its all fake and people who belive it should do more research and then speak. I also look and try find something more about it, funny that only information about ufo and nome are just in this film. FAKE….if author want more discus i will be glad

  13. kris says:

    I agree it is most likely a hoax but something none of you are mentioning is the film clearly states that ” Dr. Abigail Tyler’s” name was changed to protect her identity so that would be why there is no record of her in noam, Alaska. I should mention at this time that I do work in the film industry here in NM. I have talked to a lot of people and from what I hear this is nothing more than a hoax but it is based on (as stated in the blog) some reports. What I would like to know is the Doc’s real name and location of the events in Noam. Has anyone actually gone to Noam and talked to the police or the local paper, done an archive search to see if anything at all matches? There cant be that many shrinks in a town that size and it would be very easy to match a missing persons report that is public record to a Psychiatrist in Noam.. All I am saying is do your homework people!

  14. paulasmith says:

    Well If anyone is looking for the REAL ABIGAIL wont find her, why? well I`m sure it will have little to do with the “UFO” theory and more to do with the fact that If any of her patient/doctor sessions had any truth to them, then she “clearly” stepped the mark in regards to the APA law and she would be sued by relatives of patients for a good few million each ;0) … hope she makes some money of this movie! and if anyone read my last post I still think, If theres any truth to Alien Conspiracies, then this is surely a diversion rather than an admission by the government no?

  15. Josh says:

    Yes the names were changed. And of course noone is gonna find much on the incedence…(gove cover up…duh) The allegtions that these events (in this example and in others) are very probable. will we ever know for sure….? Yeah.. maybe. But is it so hard to believe that we are NOT alone.? I think some of us are so intreged by the idea, that we go a lil above and beyond. And thats where we get the nuts from. lol. One thing i want to note is that some people ask, “if the gov was covering up ufo’s aliesns, etc., then wouldnt the research on theyre technology be enducted into our ways of life(orsomethin to that effect)? UMM no… if a species has the technology to fly through unknown lengths of space, the technology to “abduct” then our common place, inferior race and technology would not have a chance in hell at deciphering that kind of technology….. NOW!!!! IF WE had the kind of power, to fly through space and explore new worlds, what the hell would we do to the first planet we found with life on it????????????????????? Ponder that please respnd if you disagree or agree.. i am eager to hear response

  16. paulasmith says:

    Oh dear Josh! I dont think you have read or “deciphered possibly?”haha the many responses on here (including my own) ;0). Goverment cover up you say? well mmm, diversion more like? Who`s saying were NOT alone? I dont think I read a single response on here mocking the existence of Alien possibility If anything alot of us believe (and some with good solid reason) that yes we do have significant reason to believe in Alien correspondence/encounters etc and because of this, and our knowledge of the government, If the Fourth Kind had any truth to it and the government had to go to great lenghts to cover it up (I`m laughing..sorry) then the Goverment would have no time to do anything else! are you not aware of the U.F.O sightings/stories/incidents that seem to occur every minute in the U.S alone? crikey! At the end of the day we have no idea of the facts and possible A.I documents the goverment hold and maybe its best we dont know.P.S I always thought that If “aliens” were as smart as “we” make them out to be…then why dont they model their aircrafts on aeroplanes? haha they could investigate alot easier :0) and If we had the power to fly to a new planet holding E.T lifeforms I dont think we would try stealing any of them..were to cowardly and plus we prefer to take whats not ours from our own planet!

  17. J says:

    Hoax.!! Did anyone catch the name usage in the real footage. I do belive someone did there homework before writing this. The white owl was to real for me. I think there is a gov’t cover up. They really can’t tell I don’t belive the people could handle it. The doc dosn’t exist and the story dosn’t either. Don’t go near the White owl it’s a trick if you see it get the hell out of there.

  18. Thiago says:

    Sorry my poor English am from Brasil.
    I believe that the film has real facts on it, but the full movie story it not for real. Facts that we cannot deny, always when I go to watch a movie where some conclusions need to be done assertive the UFO, I don’t know why but I go with “Mulder” eyes, I want to believe, but in other side I’m a real reason guy and all the time my mind goes searching for the true on what am seeing.
    There is no doubt to me that we are being visited by something. But don’t know for sure if this something is or isn’t not from here. I mean why we don’t have been contacted like 3 kind contact movie should off? and if we look thru the years many ppl all over the world from different eras have been seen thins odd things on the sky, so this is not new, why would they never should off?
    The movie show a interesting side of view to me, this side show they more like we, I mean, they have come to the earth and they do what they want, like in movie said “Am god”, I’ve read upstairs ppl comment, am I must say it was very disturbing, one guy said that he wants to kill aliens, wants to be know by that, other guy told that if we finally reach the technological advancements to reach other planets we will go to own this planed destroying everything. Hmm I believe that this kind of though, is the reason, that I don’t believe that an Intergalactic Race that is here show es off… think about it, they succeed to evolute without auto-destruction, why would they come to do that here? and this is the question, if we continue to follow this path that we are now, more 200 years ahead and there will be no peace on earth, the water food will be so few that we will fight for survive.
    Other thing on the movie interesting was when the police guy saw the spaceship over doc’s house, he was frighted and even other polices dont believe him, this I think happens all the time, like doc’s friend and also doc said: “I know what I saw but I cannot believe it, I can’t reason this.”
    Am not claim that this movie its a real or fictonal movie, but let me ask to these ppl that claims to be Hoax, did you really investigate this matter? have you go to nome or know someone that have? am not talking about websites information, but the real contact? Think about it.

  19. TruthUFO says:

    I think you should put in a little bit more research before assuming that movie is a Hoax. Reason being is “If” that footage is real than there is a lot to consider before one goes as far as to accuse someone of making a hoax. If it is fake it ABSOLUTELY should be exposed.

    I have been researching UFology for years as a researcher I take UFOlogy and Hoaxing very seriously. As touchy of a matter as UFOlogy and Hoaxing is in my Opinion I believe to promote any Hoax should be Illegal. For example if you where investigating a Murder and some A$$ Made a video fake video making it appear as if his brother was guilty of this murder, i.e. he is using this fake footage to mislead investigators. That could be a list of criminal acts, obstruction for starters.

    When you research our History and learn our JFK Said “there is no room in a free society for secrecy” One of the reasons he had plans to destroy secret government and the CIA, NSA ect. Was in my opinion because secrets are in reality a vulnerability and can be a threat to national security. For example how is it that Prescott Bush, GHWB’s father working for Nazi’s one minute and the next head of NSC? Now his son and then grand son become president of our country? Could it be do 99.99% to secrecy?

    Hoaxes do not just make me mad but I feel it goes a lot more far than that. And those who do promote or take part in or directly responsible for a hoax should be healed accountable. Without any penalty to face and money to be gained how can we avoid Hoaxes? Maybe the only way is to set an example out of those who do. Instead of allowing them to make thousands of dollars proving there case that we “Cattle” are stupid. Maybe we should disprove there B.S. and make an example of them. Show them who is “stupid”

    This is not going to happen as long as people just continue to write there Opinions about say this movie. Without proving or disproving the facts. What I mean is the Archive footage. Everything about this Movie counts on there claim that this footage is real. So prove it to be fake and you can prove that this is a Hoax.

    The movie claims that a father and husband shoots his children and wife and them his self. That would have made the local News one would think. So how about going through the archive news reels in Nome to see if this happened?

    I my self do not think the key is in finding this Abby Taylor or what her name but in research of the “Murder suicide” That supposedly took place in Nome. While I agree the film does look like B.S. I would say it is going to far to call it a Hoax without doing some research into the reality of the archive footage. And I’m not just saying “because it is of poor quality” Or because you have not seen other archive footage that looks as shady as this.

    The one thing that bothers me the most about the writings of the researchers is they are criticizing people for believing what they see yet in the next breath asking them to “take there word for it”. Well I am not going to take anything except research for it.

    And if your mind is as open as it should be as a fellow UFO investigator, I would expect you not to state an opinion without real research. Again you are pretty much calling all the archive footage fake, a Hoax without any real research. So how credible does that make you when some yeywho goes out and locates a newspaper obituary showing that very murder suicide in fact took place? Not that it will or wont happen but it is possible.
    I think one of the larger problems in UFOlogy is investigators stating to much with no real research. I hope you do not take offence that is just my take after reading your opinion yet not seeing any research to back it up. And you call your self a researcher. If you are a real UFO researcher I one would think they could rely upon you to put some research into your findings of this movie to be a Hollywood Hoax and not just because it is not likely.

  20. Jin/WM says:

    I have to say after much debating with Chuck he is right on. At first I came to this particular blog pushing Chuck to provide more proof rather than evidence before calling the movie a Hoax. And I was very pushy into this matter. He came back with some interesting facts. First because the movie does say Names and places may have been changed it makes research very hard because you can not really pin it down to a name or a place. However one thing I would like to point out in Chuck’s research is about the patrol car footage. A quote from Chuck ” cannot be release to the public without proper documentation. There is none” This is the kind of research I was hoping for Chuck. If the film maker did get real archive footage from the squad cam there would absolutely be documentation which would not be hard to find. In fact that would be about the most easy part of your job to validate or prove to be fake.

    At first my opinion was that researching the murder suicide footage would be the best way to prove or disprove. Murder suicides are far more common than Police squad cam footage having a UFO hover over a home and abduct a child 😉

    Ill sum it up like this. Chuck Im still a Fan!! I put it back to you to “Put Up or Shut Up” and you Put up!! Well done!! The bottom line is that if that Squad cam footage was real than it should not be very dificult to find the records of it. I would be fine with putting everything on that alone. The movie claims all that footage is “Archive footage” so if even one bit of it can be proven a fraud than it is all fake. I can rest assured calling it a Hoax now. Good on you Chuck!!



  21. Frank says:

    I hate when people, by command, respond to this movie as false and not true. If people can’t see that this may happen, then people are ignorant. When 90% of the world’s population can believe in religion then we have to believe that this is possible. There are Aliens, and they have been, or may be here on earth, so piss off those who believe this is crap. Maybe the evidence is inaccurate but maybe “they” want it to look that way.

  22. paulasmith says:

    FRANK!..Calm down, relax and explain to me who here has claimed that Aliens dont exist? Its quite obvious that we are not alone.

    It worries me however, the amount of people who become irrate instantly over the thought of somebody not believing in this..err “film”! it is a “movie” isnt it? Starring Milla Jovivich. It worries me those people who come on here and practicarly shout out “they dont believ Ma!..they is doooomed”! sorry had to add the little dramatic twist (not unlike a movie would ;0) )
    Please, Please before you shout off at anyone, over the thought that, the Fouth Kind was bogus must equal are disbelief in E.T, please read ALL comments “thoroughly”
    We just know *coughs* sorry “think” the movie was embarrassingly fake..because it was. I believe Mel Gibsons The Passion Of The Christ was also based on true events?? If I questioned the solidity of the facts it would not make me an atheist! And facts regarding The Fouth Kind are as solid as Egg shell scatterings ;0)

  23. Frank says:

    i totally support your cause in the movie being a bit fictional and hollywood. But i beleive it makes people think about the theme of aliens and unnatural happenings. I thought the movie was great, but it could have had more videoclips from discoveries such as cropcirkles and UFO discoveries. What is about Dr. Abigail Taylor is she fictional or is she the person she is thought to be in the movie? Not much Information about her of the internet.

  24. paulasmith says:

    The thing is..If there was an Abigail Taylor (which I assume is a fake name) whatever her real name is, then she crossed some serious ethical lines as a “Psychiatrist” and broke some laws according to the APA rulebook (yawns), therefore If any of the footage, or even what was reconstructed were true..then she would be facing serious allegations and would be accountable for any of her patients forthcomings, and what I remember, her patients outcome werent exactly fruitful haha.
    Sooo with the amount of tweed jacket, leather elbows, wearing Psychiatrists standing up and shouting “what on earth! that cant be true” they were answered by the relevent people “shutup..and be realistic” and the psychiatrist blushes and did sit.

  25. Annie says:

    After watching this film this weekend I am scratching my head..I am a believer first and would be very arrogant to think that in an infinite universe that were are the only ones…but it seems there is some trickery afoot with this film…she must have gotten permission from the families to use their footage of those sessions or she is in serious breach of the ethical codes of the APA. And it sure looks like the “real” Dr was played by an actress that could be her twin…and in most of these cases the aliens were coming in through the bedroom door..but the daughter was beamed out through the roof…huh??? The dashcam footage was quite compelling…

  26. Night stalker says:

    Just watched the 4th kind..Gee .what hyperbole !! excite the masses ,suck them in with another UFO yarn!…
    what a way to hook peoples attention !,,This only happens In America via Hollywood!!
    I will state for the record ,,im not a sceptic ..I do beleive, Aliens and demons or the nephelim are the same fallen beings from the bible and book of Enoch !!……
    how ever, here ,,you can tell its really over hyped and sensationilised to .convince you its real ..!
    like those marketing add’s on Tv ,,trying sell you products ,,its subliminal and deceptive!!….

    If the so called Aliens ..did deep radical surgery and giant puncture incisions on all there bodies as they decsribed under hypnotherapy ,,why was not specialist doctors called into look at the aliens surgical wounds to verifye it was made by some deep surgical instrument?????? ,, marks like that ..and what they describe would take weeks to heal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ask your self ,,if some body in the middle of the night ..punctured you with deep wounds ..would you not have bled to death or required urgent stiches or corrective surgery ,,,its just so outlandish and proposturess ..!!!
    all you ever see is a red marks or a little scar ..never the over hyped surgery of drilling inside head or back or knees or in stomach,,,surely ,if something of that nature has happened ..A real life specialist doctor can confirm this claim by the so abductee, to be a fact / but since it cant..its just more evidence leaning on the side of a faked
    abduction story,, another typical American Hyperbole /deception ..with no cold hard facts !!!!!

    there’s a lot of poor people around the world!! ..but at least they wouldnt pull the other leg and bullshit to make money !!! this is a grand hoax ,,and sorry to the average Joe blow ,,you been sucked in again by this make believe /fairy tale !!
    Alien and demons are real ..but this movie is a desperate attempt to make it sound real ….Quote .(.you can fool people sometimes!!,But you cant fool them all the time! )..nice try scamming amatuer film makers !!!

  27. mens fashion says:

    I am not taking the movie seriously and as what Hollywood will do, entertain with exaggeration. Indeed there are a lot of inconsistencies that make me feel that the Fourth Kind is totally an unreal event. I just say that I was spooked by the movie and to a certain extent enjoyed it.

  28. somethings_coming says:

    hmm. well I would have to say the story line is fake. After hours of archive research (getting no where) I decided to focus on the missing child and I did find something. Although there is no indicators of UFO influence, in 1978 in a town called Sterling, Alaska 2 children went missing and have not been seen since, an 8year old girl and her 12 year old brother their names were amy and scott fandel. I began to think maybe both kids were taken…. ahhh but then I tried to find something on their mother and she was no doctor. All missing persons data bases remain unchanged until the person is found. What do you guys think about this. If you have a little look you will find the circumstances of their disappearances rather strange. If a movie can inspire me enough to do all that then hollywood has done their job well.

  29. andrea says:

    “there is no room in a free society for secrecy”JFK _written above @ a certain point of discussion.If you want to do research first go to the bottom.Read about sumerian art>>>>learn about their messages, existance>>,*bq*RUTcyFgi2RqV-BWCtmnz5l-IXLS0kx6wEE6f*E-1PTEFJZdxzWAfF/Sumerian_IA.jpg, and all the time have one important thing in mind.Sumerians are 4000 years ahead ‘bible’.The message from the bible can be read from sumerians to egyptcians to the Vatican.
    The main issue for me in this movie is the link with sumerians.It is more and more clear that we are not darwin’s followers to many people, it is more clear that our history and existance is faked for us’the simple persons’, the slaves of a sistem put up by who?To the benefit of who?and most important why?
    One of the best movies so far on this issue>>reccomend also eyes wide shut’ from kubrick

  30. MickeyBloo says:

    I read a lot of articles saying that there are no issues in Nome, relating to missing persons. While hunting around the web for stories related to the movie, I came across this…

  31. Pugs says:

    Well thank you MickeyBloo, this is very interesting and you have answered some of the skeptics answers. I am truly excited about this article. I knew there was some truth to the whole idea!

  32. paulasmith says:

    So looking at that well constructed article mickeyBloo presented it looks like there is some racist new age klu klux klan eveolved from Nome and the local authorities wish to cover it up for trade purposes. Or is it that Aliens only want native men of a particular type? mmm none of my skeptic questions have been answered, but I feel very very sorry for those poor families who have lost their sons and especially those whom were not able to ever find their sons… If a percentage of bodies were NEVER can they be pronounced dead within a certain period of time? I smell a rat here ;0/

  33. paulasmith says:

    Andrea, your secound article has me really involved now. Dont you think the movie Avatar is uncannily similar? maybe James Cameron had the same ideas as Kubrick haha. I posted something similar to this before and accidently named Michael Bay as Avatars director :0/ nawty my wrists our truely slapped.

  34. I had done some research on Nome Alaska before writing the blog and came across the article MickeyBloo mentions. The deaths did not appear to be strange in nature and I cannot find any details which would lead me to believe they were alien related. This is based on other cases I’ve read and worked on. Unfortunately my conclusions were the same as Paula Smith’s and it breaks my heart the local authorities cannot do a better job protecting the area. It also seems Matthew Owens one of Nome’s own police officers was charged with Killing 19 year old Sonya Ivanoff, so my condolences go out not only to Sonya’s family but to all the families.

    Disappearances or suspicious deaths in Nome
    Unofficial list from Kawerak, Inc.
    Eric Apatiki 21 Gambell Missing Oct. 2004
    Sonya Ivanoff** 19 Unalakleet and Nome Found dead Aug. 2003
    Ivadell Kazingnak unknown Diomede Found dead March 2002
    Lancelot Immergan 33 Savoonga Missing Oct. 1999
    Male*** 59 Found dead June 1999
    Archie Henry Jr. 49 Gambell and Koyuk Missing Oct. 1998
    Jeffrey Komonaseak in his 20s Wales Found dead Aug. 1998
    Olin Apatiki 40 Gambell Found dead Aug. 1996
    Male*** unknown Unknown Dec. 1990
    Justina Kunayak unknown Diomede Missing Nov. 1990
    Elmer Campbell Jr. unknown Gambell Found dead Nov. 1990
    Mathew Towarak unknown Unalakleet Found dead Nov. 1989
    Male*** unknown Found dead May 1988 after being reported missing seven months earlier
    Ernest Saccheus unknown Elim Missing Sept. 1987
    Ward Olanna unknown Brevig Mission Missing Aug. 1984
    Nathan Anungazuk unknown Wales Found dead 1982
    Donald Adams unknown Koyuk Missing Oct. 1976
    Raleigh Iyapana unknown Diomede and Nome Missing 1970s
    James Moses unknown Elim and Nome Found dead late 1960s
    Aurora Escholt unknown Nome Missing Aug.-Sept. 1966
    Beverly Immingan unknown Nome Found dead 1960s

  35. andrea says:

    i find avatar one of the worst scripts possible.No horizon.Same ‘teaching’, same characters and above all army.All ingredients to stay hooked on ‘american’ modern symbolism.Not to say that Cameron ‘wrote’ it by himself forgotting about Zhou Shaomou.Whatever.Far away in both cases:))
    About Kubrick, I don’t know if you know one little detail about his option to have a roumanian ortodox ceremony incantation reversed.As a religion roumanian ortodoxy don’t have sacrifice in their ‘menu’ at all.Seems the only one.Interesting choice in contrast with the message:))

  36. andrea says:

    *the movie-eyes wide shut- @ his premiere was forbitten in eastern and central ’99??:))must have been the 2000:)P

  37. paulasmith says:

    Very Interesting Andrea. I assume most films (especially western and including Avatar) use similar Sumerian stories for mere entertainment? why we make entertainment out of our own wars! I am really intrigued about the Kubrick rumours and am ignoring wikipedia`s hyped up accounts haha.

    Chuck, nice research bud ;0) exactly what I see.

  38. andrea says:

    we have to ‘get us’e with ‘fight to glory’, ‘gave their life’, ‘fought until death’.Death in general, wars, dying without knowing what life is.All that can be done for ‘people’ not to have spiritual involment/development.Real knowledge/truth.Awarness of themselfes.In the end an industy as Hollywood and so on in the hands of who?’trend setters’?:))
    *for Cameron I think even Titanic is a huge sumerian sign, as well:)P
    @ Chuck’it breaks my heart the local authorities cannot do a better job protecting the area.’_it’s happening all over the world.Who is ‘authority’?Who ‘deverlops the concept in the field’:)P_the donut&coffe officer, pardon ‘police officer’:)?
    in my opinion we are @ the border tranceding from authority/authorities to ourselfes.innerselefs.starting to break free from all the things that holds us ‘on the ground’.Is the end of mocking ourselfes,with the head on the ‘holy’ bible.A teaching that shows from the first page FEAR/DEATH/a 2000 years behaviuour..’for the glory’:)_’and then’?have one answer in mind.’Dude where is my car’:))P

  39. andrea says:

    there are around 24 parts i think_enjoy:))

  40. andrea says:

    ‘we make entertainment out of our own wars!!
    ‘own wars’..
    ‘especially western and including Avatar) use similar Sumerian stories’
    nothing related to sumerians..where did you find this resemblance?

  41. paulasmith says:

    I`m sorry Andrea I am having a little trouble understanding you. I take the blame entirely ;0) “We make entertainment out of our own wars” yes “we” do we being ALL of us! unless you can find me a movie made by a country that does not reconstruct its woe`s and terrible hard history in the space of one hour and a half with popcorn? no i think u couldnt.

    In regards to the Avatar/sumerian similarity this was your link see here >>>A lush green planet, rich in natural resources, particularly gold, is invaded by technologically advanced, nearly immortal beings from another planet who want to mine its natural resources, particularly gold. Tired of laboring, they attempt to biologically engineer a hybrid slave race. Their experiments, after many failed attempts yielding bizarre creatures, finally result in the engineering of an Adam and an Eve. The become the first parents of a race of slaves.

    The invaders set themselves up as gods to these products of biological engineering, who possess their bloodline and that of some creatures of the host planet. These then begin to struggle for supremacy. Ultimately, there is war in the sky that ends in a nuclear blast and a massive flood. After a great battle one of them declares himself the supreme God, revises history and falsely takes credit for the creation of all things
    Sounds slightly similar haha as you said yourself…before you asked how? mmmm confusion she wroye haha

  42. andrea says:

    a hint where you don’t need for sure popcorn>>’Lost Highway’;)by David Lynch
    In avatar you have a different situation.Reproduce their nature.On earth’sumerians’ build it ‘from the ground’ out of nothing.Ok, you can say that the concept can be enlarged but is not really the same.Also -I can’t belive i write about avatar-in pandora is a civilisation linked with nature that has to be destroyed or unyielding to accept the fact that their natural resources need to be ‘sold’, despite the main fact.It will destroy themselfes.There is no themselfes or were on earth, before sumerians-in theory.I think earth story is quite different and the real truth is far beyond ‘pandora’:)or simply garbage.No half measurements between.

  43. andrea says:

    the fourth king develops an interesting ‘relation’ between sumerians/existance vs. present.and the main ‘psihiatric’ question:)) who we are, what we are:))

  44. andrea says:

    _all the way-:))

  45. andrea says:

    *from egyptians a favourite quate_from the cross temple_’one is two, and two becomes four.Four becomes eight and then again it becomes one’;) about ‘being ALL of us’_but we @ this present are just ‘them’..what’s your opinion Paula on ‘us’ as ‘being’?

  46. andrea says:

    _from my innerself;)P

  47. paulasmith says:

    People find me a bit of a walking oxymoron (more like moron haha) I study psychology and the sciences, I attend a Buddhist church reguraly, one side of my family are Romanian gypsies who believe they can predict anybody`s future while my other side are skeptical Darwinians…so were does it leave me? no idea but I feel we are all intercepting through energy of some sort, it is possible that Aliens could only be an evolved race spawned from ourselves thousands of years ago. I`m on the fence with most things in life haha.

  48. Pugs says:

    Now Avatar is definitely regarding what the white settlers have done to the Native Americans. They have plants that look like warbonnets, the people have braids and a lot other similarities to what the white settlers have done to the Native Americans

  49. Mich says:

    First of all, I believe the story contains a fictional story because those dr. Tyler and her kids never existed. Nonetheless abductions do occur worldwide and these people are discribing the same event as they hadbeengiving the same scenario to learn !
    Do ufo exist ? Millons have seen one, including me. Are they all alien ? Nope. (do you research, search for NAZI UFO)
    Do aliens exist ? Imaging 62 children all seeing the same thing and giving the same declaration (this is just one example out of many !) :

    1) when there’s a interference because of the energy when the entity has taken over the body of a person, the images shows interferences but the sound has no trouble at all ! Folks, this is not possible at all. It is the image AND the sound that must be affected when such interference occur !
    2) I never heard of opening a channel towards an entity when you’re under hypnose recalling an event and seeing the creature ! This is also impossible and not one case to prove that ! Not during a hypnose. If this would be possible, than this would be all knew to mankind !
    3) the real footage of one of the men was talking with another voice, he said ABBY TYLER… he was adressing to the doctor but … BUT the name was ABBY TYLER, so this wasn’t a real footage !!!
    4) She looks really like the supposed real dr. Tyler.

    Are there people missing in ALaska ? (not all listed)

    But the police in Nome is reputated for being arrogant and agressive towards the people there. One cop killed even a girl. And the cops are saying very easely that it’s once again a case of being drunk and falling into the water. No real investigating is going one.
    Is there an underground base somewhere in the neighberhood ?

    For the sceptics :

  50. You know, you all may be right, the film may be a Hoax.

    We know Hollywood knows how to sell films, BUT it did leave me with a thought… Let me ask you all a question. Are we all stupid enough to think that we are alone? Space is never endless, we can only see a tiny fraction of it. I think you would be stupid to believe we are the only things / people out there!, so our little friends may have come and visited us. They may be around more than we would all like to think!. I like to think I am open minded, and like most people, we do not have enough facts to think otherwise, and we will all probably go to our grave never knowing the truth, or the depth of what is out there! Why is that do you think? Like they say on M.I.B….. Could you handle the truth?

  51. vk says:

    Can anyone explain the sumerian plates with the space ships and airplane line structures 5000 or more years ago. I hope no one denies them because they are here. How does NASA find a sculpture of an angel on moon, made of a metal found exclusively on the moon and dated my scientists to 200,000 years ago. either some one went there those many years back and sculpted it..or some one was there.

  52. Martin says:

    The name Dr. Abigail Tyler could just be a made up name to protect someone’s identity.
    Just like hollywood film locations, once the location is known by the general public, the town gets overrun by tourist to the annoyance of the natives.
    Lot’s of info is covered up and not published. So lack of published reports etc. is no single indicator of fiction.
    Just because some news service did an investigation and published it found nothing also doesn’t add credibility that it’s a fictional story either. There are lot’s of cases of big and small news organization burying, distorting, or lying about the truth.

    As for me, I’m still open to the possibility that it may be a hoax or that it may be based on some sliver of fact.

  53. Brain says:

    ” If a police patrol car cam had filmed a possible alien abduction, chances are the FBI would have acquired the film footage and it wouldn’t be available to any unknown film maker”

    – The movie was recorded in bulgaria, in the movie with the same scene as the “real video” with the cop and his cam recording the ufo above the house, you can see that both the house in the movie and the house in the cam is EXACTLY SAME house. If that house is in bulgaria and they have recorded that scene in bulgaria then we know that video with the cop is fake.

    Exceptions: there are only two exceptions here, one is if the house is in Nome and Universal have recorded the scene in Nome and used and got permission to record exactly in same house. Exception two is if they have build an exactly identical house in Bulgaria just for the movie.

  54. This is a fasinating movie and talks about super natural things.

  55. Shannon says:

    I’m not going to say either way whether it is a hoax or not. But I will say that I am a believer… How can you say that it is a hoax if you as a self proclaimed researcher have not actually gone to Nome and actually done the research yourself???? As I saw in other posts, names can and have been changed in the past to protect peoples privacy all the time…. When you have been there and done the research then come back and tell people it’s a hoax. You seem just as closed minded as so many others and all I can say is that if people can believe in God because some guy in history says he is real, don’t you think this is just as easy to believe??? Or are you just conseded enough to think we are the only ones in the whole of space???

  56. Anne says:

    FBI serial homicide experts have been called in to investigate a chain of disappearances and suspicious deaths of Native villagers visiting Nome.

    The cases date back to the 1960s, with 10 since 1990. The victims were mostly Native men who had traveled to the Seward Peninsula’s commercial hub from smaller villages of the Bering Strait region.

    A prominent Native organization in Nome last week released a list of 20 such suspicious cases, along with offers of a reward, in [Read article (fee)]

    Read more:

    One thing is for sure the FBI has been there i did find the article of dissapeard natives A fee is required there at that page to read all of the story at . . . I must say the doctor being a pshychology therapist and a Doctor and the emotional state of mind make s me think it s a hoax . .why. . ?? well a doctor i think specially in psychology should handle more with a stable sense of mind. and makes less errors than as shown in this movie.

  57. Micael says:

    Hi, I just saw the movie The Fourth Kind here in Sweden, and I must say it was a very good movie even though everything is not true and that there may be a hoax by Hollywood. I threw myself on the computer and searched for Nome, Alaska, so it must have been many hits on their website after the movie was released. Free advertising for the tourism industry:)
    I might go there on vacation because it looked very nice.

    Beware of the white owl population of Nome. Hohoho:)

    Hej då



  58. Nome Owl says:

    What really fascinated me about this movie was the UFO sightings reports being played at the end. I have heard of many of those events and understand that a lot of them still can not be explained It was a good movie but I am not gonna jump in the Mystery Machine with Scooby to run there and try an sort it out.

  59. TommyLove says:

    Loved the movie. Who cares if it’s true or not people. It’s what you believe not what others think. All’s I know is when it’s dark outside and I look up into the nights sky and see all those star’s I know were not alone. Time will tell if it’s true or not but maybe our friends have something special planned for us. We Will have to wait till there ready to share the truth with us. Until then keep looking for the truth and keep the dream alive.

  60. Joey Reamer says:

    TommyLove, you’re kinda missing the point. We’re all reading this stuff and talking about it because we (at least most of us) believe there is something else going on. You can’t just assume that everything you’re fed from Hollywood and other propaganda sources is ‘real’. It does matter if you ever want to get at the truth.

  61. Martin says:

    TommyLove, l thought the movie was well done also, however, when a movie purports to be a re-enactment of actual events, then it’s normal to discuss the credibility. After a little bit more research, I can say, kudos to the makers & marketers of the movie.

    Found this y’all…………
    Actress credited for playing the “real” Dr. Abbey Tyler

    Other info guys……….

  62. Joey Reamer says:

    Great links Martin. I love the reference at Wikipedia that says:

    On November 12, 2009, Universal Pictures agreed to a $20,000 settlement with the Alaska Press Club “to settle complaints about fake news archives used to promote the movie.” Universal acknowledged that they created fake online news articles and obituaries to make it appear that the movie had a basis in real events.

    That is too good. But…According to Shannon, nobody should believe that unless they go to Nome to interview the Alaska Press Club themselves. Shhhh!!!

  63. TommyLove says:

    It’s all good guys. I agree with what your saying. I know it was just a movie but we all have to agree that stuff like this happens all over the world everyday. The part of the movie that really got me thinking was when the alien voice said he was GOD. What if GOD is a alien? What if everything I’ve been raised to believe is not true and we were put here on earth as some sort of alien hybrid? Like farm animails. Makes you think.

  64. Joey Reamer says:

    Tommy, you’re definitely right, it’s happening all over the world. Personally, I think it’s happening less than most people, but there are real stories out there to pay attention to. I think I remember the voice saying it was God. Reminded me of Stargate (the original movie). A lot of people think aliens are fallen angels. Not sure about that, but both religion and exopolitics are becoming more and more intertwined every day. Make sure to see

  65. zukowski says:

    Hey folks, just want to thank you all for the attention you’ve give this blog post. If you’ve liked it, you’ll be interested to read my new blog post follow up at

  66. Kelly says:

    Of course people will try to make it appear like the whole thing was fake! No one wants a panic attack happening all over the world due UFO and things like that.
    I can’t say I believe 100%, but after seeing so many things happening, like, the number of people that disappear every day, I don’t know! Where these people go?!? Too weird.
    I think something is going on, but people do whatever they can so, we can’t find out about it.
    It is easy, someone just post anything about the documentary, or if DR. Tyler it is or not a doctor, who cares?? The idea of the movie just it is a slap on the face to wake us up! There must be something out there…
    And I’m nobody to say there are nothing…

  67. vicki says:

    Dear Chuck and UFO Nuts out there, I liked the movie. It scared the begeebers out of me. It reminded me of the hit movie Blair Witch Project. That scared me too! Let’s not loose track what this website is about. It is not to rate movies. Perhaps there could b some truth to a story that was sensationalized in Hollywood. I would think all names would b changed to protect the innocent. Did anyone ever check if there was a disappearance of a little girl around that time? That would b public record and that would b the sole piece of evidence to convince me that it is more credible than just a movie. I have a hard time believing these people in Nome r so accepting when people disappear blaming it on the weather. Don’t they even care to at least look for some bones or clothing? Sad. I also don’t think aliens talk. They r advanced enough to communicate with telepathy. And there would be no way to compare sounds to an ancient, dead language. Someone research if there was a missing little girl there in Nome. I know I slept with the light on!

  68. Jeffery Brumley says:

    First of all i thank you for all the research that you have done I really enjoyed the facts that you have presented. And I really enjoyed the movie and like many right after the movie I immediately ran to the internet to find out if was true. but during my online search I stared to think about it. The ideal that an alien intelligent would abduct a human is, for a lack of a better word, retarded. Think about this seriously for a minute and what those that believe would have us believe. A race with intelligents that is equal to or if not surpasses our own, would come at least 250 million light year, from their world to ours, kid nap us while we are sleeping, take us back up in to their space ship, conduct all kinds of test on us and then retune us to our bed safe and sound with no marks, burses, scares, PROFF, but will have good story that will never matches up with another persons. To quote a movie I once saw “That would be like me going all the way to Africa to kill an ant hill.” Now you don’t have to fact check me on all this because I know that I’m incorrect with the actual numbers but it is dramatizes to give you an idea of what I am saying. At this time with our current rate of technology and provided that there is funding, it will be another 75-100 years before we will make it to the edge of our own solar system. So in my own opinion and for the sake of good argument, that would put them at least 150-200 years ahead of us in technology. Ok that being said, think of the technology that we had 200 years ago verses today, cloning, decoding the G-Nome, DNA sequencing, we are de-evolving chicken eggs, our telecommunications, lasers, min micro chips and so forth and so on. Starting to get the point? Now if they are 200 years more advanced than we are, then they have been where we are, there for, there are far easier and less obvious way for them to learn about us rather than stick a probe up our asses. DNA/cloning us wouldn’t take much for them to do and with all the sati lights and radio/communication waves that are just drifting around they can learn real quick about us. Think about all the information that is out there just waiting to learned.

  69. Mary Kay says:

    I grew up in alaska. knew as soon as we saw THEIR verison of Nome that wasnt shot here. too bad. Nome is a cool place. But that movie was a sucker! HOWEVER remeber the japan flt 1989 major sighting. and there have been sightings by PD in Valdez. I have had sightings here and my son and neice just had a daytime sighting a week or so ago. Hes 20 shes 14. he was freked her not so much. I call that the telliatubby effect!

  70. Cydney says:


    This movie is a hoax. Because i live in Nome Alaska. There are NO TREES, NO STOPLIGHTS, we do not live in cabins, and there are NO OWLS IN THIS TOWN! I mean yeah, its good publicity from the town but now its gone too far. Me and my friends have been thinking that Nome is gonna be the next place to hold an alien convention or something.

    Anyway. This article is right. This movie isn’t true.

  71. JUSTINA says:

    well i have to say i was raised Christian with very strong thoughts have changed. i believe in Aliens…first of all…how can anyone believe the world was created from a big boom? that didnt happen,God created the magnificent world we live in…so with that being said..if every star has its own galaxy with planets in it..i mean how can you really believe we are the only ones here? there is no way…i believe in Aliens..maybe they take our kids,,implant them with something..maybe they mean no harm,just want to study us…all i know is that this world is too big to think we are the only intelligent life forms!!!!

  72. Devon says:

    Justina, I am also a Christian, and I am en route to becoming a pastor in the next few years. Let me preface this by saying that there is biblical evidence against the existence of aliens but there is no biblical evidence for the existence of aliens. God created the heavens and the earth. He created man and woman in his image. The earth is where we live, the heavens is where he resides. That is why the universe is ever-expanding and infinitely endless, much like God himself. He created us out of love for us. He wishes to spend eternity with his creation in heaven. There is no evidence to support an idea that he created any other life forces outside of what he has made here on earth. I’m going to have to say that if you choose to believe in creationism, your choice to believe in alien life forms is invalid and vice versa.

    Now, as for the movie.
    The case studies that are “actual footage” (and as my brother pointed out, ANYTHING that is filmed is “actual footage”) appear to be oddly reminiscent of another Hollywood hit, The Exorcist movies. When I first watched The Fourth Kind and I saw what they called “actual footage”, I noticed that it reminded me more of demon possession or even just the work of demons trying to mess with us than it did aliens. I was not completely sold until they started talking about the Sumerian language, one of the oldest languages on Earth. If God created the earth, and a third of his angels left his army to roam the earth with Satan, it would be pretty obvious that Sumerian would be one of their native tongues. Here’s what really sold it for me (and keep in mind, I don’t even really believe their footage is a legitimate case study, but if it really is): The Sumerian voice coming forth from the real Abigail Tyler during her own hypnosis session mentions many things that seemed strangely demonic. Yes, even the voice sounded demonic and menacing. The voice mentioned, “I am God.” There it was, clearly. If anything was really going on, it was demonic possession and it was clearly trying to portray itself as God.

    Abigail Tyler even mentioned in her “Cambridge Interviews” (also faked) that she just felt the presence of evil. That though the thing was claiming to be God, it was just an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness that washed over her. That is not of God, obviously, but of Satan and of demons. Demons can make us feel depressed or hopeless or scared. When God is in our lives and we really have a relationship with him, he protects us from those things when we ask him to in prayer. He makes us feel comforted and safe and the bible teaches that a believer who truly loves God cannot be demon possessed. We can be visited by demons, I have heard stories from people I trust including pastors about seeing demons laughing at them when they wake up in the middle of the night or things like that. In fact, I have experienced it once myself. I prayed for God’s strength and protection and to cast the demon out and the signs stopped and I immediately felt much more at peace, but I woke up the next morning with a black eye. Crazy stuff. Most of you believe that less than you believe The Fourth Kind hahaha but whatever, I’m not the one trying to earn millions of dollars in movie sales with lies. I just wanted to put the possibility out there that even if any of this is real, which I do not believe it is, there are other explanations besides aliens. Including demonic type crap. I’m not claiming that it’s exactly what’s happening. Just saying it’s possible. I would encourage you to do the research yourself if you really care enough.

  73. kat says:

    I do believe that we aren’t alone and I’m not saying that this “actual footage” is real. This movie is very interesting and I did enjoy it.
    However as for this movie being real, I would like to point out that an event like someone (“Tommy”) killing his two children, wife and then himself would have been all over the news and I’m sure it would be something you could find online. Also the little girl (“Ashley”) going missing would have also probably been something that the news would catch wind of.

  74. proudmama_666 says:

    For someone who seems to know the movie so well, you sure didn’t pay attention. The reason there is no records of Abigail Tyler… is because they changed names and professions to protect identities. Mila Jovovich explained that in the beginning. So, yeah, you probably won’t find anything cuz I’m sure only a select few people really know who this woman is.

  75. ROGER says:


  76. sage says:

    First of everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but if u do not believe that there are other life forms out there, i’ll entertain that idea but Riddle me this. How do you explain the Ruins of Puma Punku? Or the Saqsaywaman ruins(which legends pass down that the “space brothers” being a direct translation, helped their ancestors build the ruins)what about the Carnac stones in France which are thousand of boulders lined up for miles, some weighing up to 350 tons, in a pattern which can only be seen from the sky? Lets not forget about Macchu Picchu, the Nazca Lines,the pyramids of giza,which lined up perfectly with the “Orion” winter constellation, the DOZENS of Stonhenges all over Europe AND THE MOST PROFOUND OF THE DISCOVERIES, GOBEKLI TEMPE WHICH IS DATED AROUND 12000 YEARS OLD, ALMOST 7000 YEARS OLDER THAN THE FERTILE CRESCENT MAKING IT THE OLDEST DISCOVERED ADVANCED CIVILIZATION, yeah thats right that means it was built thousands of years before humans were even on Earth. Well enough of that back to the comment; “proudmamma_666” is completely right. You do seem to know a lot about the movie but obviously you weren’t paying to much attention, they clearly say in the beginning the names and jobs given were made-up alias’ to protect the identity of the people involved. So Don’t be naive and try to google “Dr Abigail Tyler” obviously nothing pertaining to this is going to be credible. and to jeffrey brumley, its not at all “Retarded” to think that aliens would want to come and check up on/ perform expirements on inferior life forms such as ourselves, especially if u believe in some ancient astraunat theories. Granted im very young, 19. I have been studying ufo files and reports for quite a few years, u might even say im kind of obsessed to find the truth. As i was saying to jeff the only thing “Retarded” as you so casually put it, is in fact, your statement. Now what you were saying about the technological advances sound like your on the right track. But lets say, just for arguments sake, That we are in fact, descendants of aliens like some ancient astronaut therorist believe and periodically throughout humans stay on earth, aliens would come and intervene in some kind of divine and benevolent way. First lets take the Neanderthal that we supposidly evolved from. Now indeed they were vastly inferior to humans now in days. So what made the dramatic change? maybe evolution? darwinism? That could be true but if you look at the data we evolved practically over night, actually we’re not really descendants of the Neanderthal at all, they are a sub species or maybe even another species of homo erectus than we are. Granted we could have evolved but that would take thousands,if not millions of years to evolve from the the cave men days to know, if it is even possible at all. One ancient astronaut theory is that when we were an inferior, cave dwelling species, the ETs came to earth and somehow altered our DNA (whether it be by mixing their DNA with the Homo Erectus that was walking the earth at that time)so that we could survive and be productive species. Thats why i think aliens would come down to check on us from time to time, kind of giving us a nudge in the right direction. Who wouldnt want to help their Children, if u will, to Survive and prosper?

  77. Elisha Bradley says:

    ive read most of the post here and while i do thik that there has been some great points made on both sides of the argument, i have to say that i just find it hard to believe that noone on this blog has found out that the so called real abigail tyler in the movie was an actress. the actress is foriegn but she is definately the actress that played abigail in the fourth kind. im not talking about the reanactment that milla portrayed, im talking about the suposed real documented footage of abigail. the actreses name is charlotte milchard. this means that obviously the other footage of supposed real events in this movie are fake as well. maybe milla jovich didnt know about this compartment of the film, it could have been compartmentalized so that the grade a actors didnt know about it. This kind of technique is not undeard of in hollywood (keeping actors, and actresses un aware of scripts, or events in movies to guarentee the secrecy. if milla did know about this then shame on you milla, for lieing to us. An out right lie. im just glad i didnt spend 10 dollars to see this movie at the thearters, and i found out shortly after seeing this movie that this movie was a lie. people shouldnt look to hollywood for truth anyways, their priority is money.

  78. Vicki says:

    I liked Devon’s post (the one becoming a preacher). I think he is right believing this was more demonic than alien related. It also reminded me of the Excorcist. Aliens would know by now how our bodies work, if not designed by them. But most of all, when God created us in His image, it’s not that we look like God, it is our soul that is “God-like”. Our soul is our conscious, what directs us between right and wrong and gives us compassion. This is unlike any other animal. And He gives mankind dominion over all animals. Why? Because we carry the “soul”. Each and every human is different by our DNA. It tells the story who we are from, perhaps the original “tribe” we are decendents from. Human beings are beautiful creatures (compared to aliens what we think they look like). We have hair that is beautiful. We can laugh, have deep emotions and feelings, we save and help injured animals and people, etc. We are amongst all animals, complex. But each very different. Everyone should watch the History Channel “Ancient Aliens”. This can also be watched on the web. These documentaries have overwhelming evidence human kind was brought here from wherever.After watching these, I walked around in a foggy daze for a week. It answered so many questions plus confirmed truths in the books of the Bible that these things really happened, all in the beginning of man’s civilization in the ancient worlds (such as Iraq). Even Pope Benedict announced that it was ok for Catholics to believe in ETs and other worlds and ‘other” kinds while also believing in God and Jesus. He announced this does not interfere with Catholicism. So if the Pope said that, the Vatican must know much more. So if an apocalypse is to happen in 2012 like some scientists predict, wouldn’t those who brought animal kind to this earth also be the ones to rescue us as well? I wouldn’t think “they” would be cold hearted bastards to let all of us animals perish?? And back to the movie, did anyone look in Nomes list of missing people to see if there was a child that was missing? I think this is key. And did anyone question Sarah Palin where she was the nights of the alleged disappearances of Alaskans?? hahaha Seriously, watch Ancient Aliens and also there was a movie from I think the 80’s call Fire In The Sky based on a true story about a man’s abduction. And also watch Alien Autopsy (also on the web) which has never been disproven to this day! From the facts we have plus all the mysterious abandoned structures on this earth, it appears evident that mankind was brought here, not evolved from another creature. I am anxious for any rebuttal. Always here, Vicki

  79. sage says:

    Yes i agree that when they subjects where under hypnotism that it did look very much like a demonic possession, Theres only one thing that conflicts with this belief….and that is that the spirit or being only come out when they are in fact in a deep hypnotism. now im no expert but how many other accounts of demonic possession occur ONLY when the person is only in a deep hypnotized state? And that is not a rhetorical question…im honestly wondering if there are any account of this happening for i am not ruling out a demonic possession by all means. If i can believe its aliens from another universe it is not far-fetched or unfathomable that it could be demons as well.

  80. wicky69us says:

    Look bottom line is there is life out there period. It was a movie but to think were alone is not right.

  81. Diana Williams says:

    No doubt it’s true and I don’t need any evidence.

  82. wicky69us says:

    They are finding life everywhere now? MMMM maybe we have benn not very truthful about UFO’s and aliens. 2012 is almost here we shall wee.

  83. Duane says:

    I was just wondering. Has anyone seen where they found fossils of microbes in meteorites recently?? Rocks from space having fossils of life in them. Now, allegedly, “ALL” life on earth started from a microbe. Uhhhh, like, where did this MICROBE come from?? You mean to tell me, a microbe just “APPEARED” one day millions of years ago, & life began?? Hogwash!!! It came from somewhere. It either crashed here in a meteor, landed here in a spaceship, or was indeed created by a more advanced race of humanoids. As far as why do they allegedly experiment on us, well, what do WE do every time we discover something?? We dissect it. We experiment on it. We perform an autopsy on it. Its not done once. Its done all the time, repeatedly. Why should they be any different? Someone said in an earlier post above, that we as humans are all different. We all have different DNA in our bodies. If you are a scientist in this world, is your job not to produce samples of your finds?? Maybe your CREATIONS?? They don’t produce 1 sample, they produce as many as they can acquire from different subjects. So if this is our thesis on how to study things, why should an alleged alien intelligence study any differently?? I myself am a member of a Paranormal Team in Indiana. I believe in UFO’s since I have seen them with my own eyes. Not flashing lites, but an object traveling thru the sky at a high rate of speed that suddenly, without slowing down, changed direction like a ball bouncing off a wall, & went back in the direction it came from. It never slowed or stopped!! I have seen with my own eyes. How do you explain EVP’s?? No one can. I get them all the time on investigations. Some are intelligent, actually answering you back. But most are just words that mean nothing. As Jodi Foster said in the Contact: “Are there aliens out there? If not, it would be a terrible waste of space. Don’t you think?”

  84. Duane says:

    I would also like to say that I, too, agree that this movie was more Demonic in nature in my opinion. I can see a demon saying “I AM GOD”. But, at the same time, I can see both a demon & an alien speaking Sumerian. If aliens first came here & Sumerian was the spoken language, then it makes sense for them to still speak Sumerian. Maybe they haven’t learned our new language yet. LOL!! Demons on the other hand have been around us forever. So they should speak as we do. But I gues ya never know.

  85. Kenny Lovato says:

    I am unsure what to believe on the subject of “The 4th Kind”. Truth be told, if it were real, I don’t think it could have been marketed at all- due to the powers that be and their desire to supress such events. I will admit that it scared me to the point i was unable to sleep for weeks & now, months later, am still affected to the point that I am here at this website looking for answers. I did come here because of the film, but also due to the fact that last night I suddenly remembered a past event that, somehow, I had forgotten. I vaguely remembered taking my dog outside sometime durring an unknown night & being outside on my gravel dirveway staring at a small silhouetted shadow- standing still on the dirt road that leads up to our home (maybe 40 feet away from me). It was just standing there & seemed to be looking back at me. I also remembered being so frightened of the figure that I froze stiff… but after that i have no other memory of the event whatsoever or any details as to why I may have suppressed the memory. I am possitive that this event did take place & was not just a dream, but can’t say with any certainty whether or not this all happened before or after I saw “The 4th Kind”. Yesterday, when i remembered this figure, I did immediately think of the movie. For all our sakes… i hope the movie was a hoax!

  86. Scott Young says:

    Thanks for the info on that film. I study science and cosmology and always have felt Alien movies fascinating. I am glad this one was a hoax.

  87. Trey Light says:

    I did notice the film was a bit too “surreal” ! I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here is mine. I was raised and am of the Christian faith. I have been told all my life that God created us in His image and have no problem believing that. I also believe God may have created quite a few other “beings”! I mean the Bible does not say one time in any book on any page that he did not do just that! I have been taught the Bible is “the map to Heaven” well let me pose this question, how many maps have you ever seen that had only ONE road??????? I think that life exist outside our planet! I find hard to fathom otherwise! Why would a God so big and powerful only create us? I think that it would get quite boring day in and day out just watching a small spec called Earth and the Humans you created walk, talk, eat, kill, wage war, study the rest of what you have created after a few thousand years! Maybe, just maybe I’m just going to wing this one! You hear it all the time “why did God let that happen?” Maybe he was looking into what the others he had created were up too? We may not find proof of their presence and if that is the case, I say its because we choose to overlook it to make living easier! I don’t see any reason to doubt the fact that other life exist elsewhere in space! It is still space right? Something has to fill it up?

  88. Rennay says:

    Just finished watching this movie. I loved it but a couple things had me questioning whether or not it was really based on actual events. The first thing that caught my attention (forgive me if someone else mentions this, I noticed the author didn’t ) was the time stamp on Scott’s Actual Footage. When she finishes counting the time stamp reads 11:07:46 AM. When it goes back to the actual footage, just before he starts screaming, the time stamp reads 11:07:07.
    Also, now I’m not sure about this, but do officers review their tapes before backup shows up normally? He told the sherif he saw it but the tape was distorted. I doubt he would have had time to watch it. Anyway, great movie, totally believe in UFOs and everything else, but the movie itself definitely did not show actual footage at the very least.

  89. wicky69us says:

    2012 will be a telling year in our history!

  90. Renee says:

    Well, we all know hypnosis works, it is taught and used in phycology schools and offices today as it is a way of disconnecting our souls from our minds and bodies. We are our souls and our bodies are our vehecles to experience and explore and choose and create who n what we are on this particular planet at this time in this lifetime, as humans. And we all forget who we really are so that we CAN DO THIS. So we can live as who we are being in these bodies with these minds. So we can experience bein human. Our brain in created to forget that we are our soals and we know everything about the universe and how it works. Dreaming is a way for us to escape the body and wonder the realm of ‘that which is everything’. When we are hypmotised we conciously remember, and re-experience that which we already know, only we dont forget because we keep the mind/soul connection connected. For example, we sometimes remember dreams, mostly we dont. I think that the experiences of Abigale Tyler were real, and the “aliens” or other creations/forms/spirits, whatever they were, had also forgotten that they know all, or had chosen their form and its certain restricted knowledge so they could “discover” what its like to discover humans that way…. big concept i know but try wrap your head around it.
    We are one in an infinate number of planets, in an infinate universe. We are one inteligent species amongst an infinate almost incomprehensible to the human mind, amount of species. There are just as infinate amounts of attitudes, beliefes, understandings and ways of interacting amongst us all, that maybe these spirit creatures didnt actually know they were hurting us. or they did but felt they had to do it for the sake of study. Or maybe they are evil compared with our values. Or maybe they didnt know how to use their new technology properly and hadnt tweaked the audio properly. LOL. We are all god and god is all of us. That includes the good and the bad, cant have one with out the other. There is more out there than you will ever be able to know whilst bein in a human body… at this stage anyways. Why do all movies and most recorded data relate aliens as scary n evil n something to be afraid of that wants to hurt us. I want to hear about the positive, happy, equally amazing encounters of any kind!

  91. doodle says:

    The movie was a hoax the woman who played Abby in the “actual footage, her name is Charlotte Milchard found here( So how can an actress be found in actual footage? because there isn’t any actual footage at all.
    Another reason is that they mention the Sumerians. Which do have documented cases through their inscriptions, carvings sculptures and painting of a life form coming from the heavens and creating us. As due other ancient civilizations such as Egypt. Do I believe we are alone, no I have never thought that our ancient histories tell us that.But do I believe these life forms that took the time to come to earth genetically create us, show us things we could never have thought of on our own, just to come back abduct us and torture us, why would they even have left? Maybe they do “take” some of us, for some reason but I highly doubt they torture what they created. If the Sumerians and Egyptians are right, we would be this life forms offspring.
    This movie is total BULL.

  92. George Paulson says:

    Your logic is awful. So what if it was filmed in Canada? That has nothing to do with anything at all and can’t be used to build an argument that the entire movie was a hoax.
    As far as Abbey Tyler goes, AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE THE CLEARLY STATE THEY ALTERED EVERYONE’S NAMES TO PROTECT IDENTITIES. Do you honestly think they’re going to use Abbey’s real name in a motion picture? The same person who was allegedly accused for the deaths of multiple people, the disappearance of her own daughter, and just being crazy in general? It would be sick to do something like that. She’d forever be mocked and taunted and be seen as a running joke to the entire world.

  93. George Paulson says:

    As far as the actual video recordings go, again, do you honestly think they’d include the ACTUAL footage of a women and her two children being shot in the head execution style by their own father? Again, to preserve the identity of these individuals it was required to use doubles and create their own footage. They specified at the beginning of the movie SOME of the video and sound recordings were the real, which means some aren’t. They’re not going to use video footage of actual victims who can easily be identified by people watching the film.
    And it’s not surprising that the people of Nome dismiss the film to be a hoax. Those living there aren’t going to want to the unnecessary negative publicity which the film brings to their small, secluded town. I’m not saying I believe any of this, all I’m saying is your argument is HORRIBLE and what you’re blogging in no way whatsoever discredits the film and the alleged events which took place. Your entire argument is irrelevant. You even went as far to contradict yourself by admitting UFO sitings are not uncommon in Nome in addition to the women from the visitor’s center acknowledging the many unexplained disappearances in the past. By the way, what kind of response were you hoping to get from her? Of course she’s going to say it’s a nice place to live. You think she’s going to tell you there’s something wrong with Nome and it’s a dangerous place to live? And that it’s a place you should never visit due to the possibility of being abducted by aliens? Again, I’m not saying I believe all this actually happened. I just happened to find your blog on Google after searching Nome, Alaska out of curiosity after watching the movie. And after reading what you’ve posted, I honestly say that this is probably one of the worst arguments I’ve seen anyone make about anything in existence, and the only thing prove is that you’d make a terrible lawyer.

  94. dean says:

    YES, WELL WE ALL have to think about this. Either aliens are alive, or we can all live beyond the grave in a sort of “spiritual form”. The world is matter, scientifically what if there is a parallel, more diverse universe where people are complete opposites as they are now, projects and experiments are being used to split a proton which can be highly dangerous conisdering this can cause an atomic explosion. Let me get back on topic, what if two super novas hit eachother at exact speed and exact preciseness causeing one massive black hole? another question is what is a blackhole? what’s inside of a blackhole? i heard in order to travel through a black hole you must be traveling at the speed of light. The earth is matter, time and space collide, or is it just all made up. If we move to mars later billions of years from now how will the calender change? haha if we all look at the pyramids how were they exactly built? why did they make the most perfect archetectual structures still to this date? a pully system? bull. How come the gods of egypt have that head of something that never has documentation of existance on this planet. Why does zeus and Thor look similar, yet are both gods from totally different countries. How has it come to be that even to the present day we havent been able to full explore the pyramids. I believe that aliens all different kinds in the shape of man and some not in the shape of man. I believe that the gods of egypt created and evolved, a smarter more efficicient human being. We are all machines, our brains give off electrical impulse, our brains run our heart, our organs, and yet we as humans cant even figure out how our own mind structures work. I believe that aliens have created humans that can use 80-100 percent of there brains. I believe aliens gifted a minor amount of human beings in the early ages of life with gifts of intelligence, and maybe even wings, or better yet telekinesis and the ability to fully meditate the mind and “fly”. I enjoy many alien talks and i have had many, i have watched and constantly looked up alien encounters. I never visioned an abduction through hypnosis which is in general someone just listening to a person tell them what to do. Personally i have been hypnotized and i was completely aware of my surroundings. This movie shows me so many wierd things like when under hypnosis the subjects show to be under a possessed embodyment. This i found wierd. let me know if anyone has anything thats amazing to tell me cause i too am looking for life out there. I love to hear stories of USO (unidentified submerged object) and UFO sightings email me at i would appreciate hearing other stories

  95. Ginny says:

    Having just watched The Fourth Kind on dish tv, like some other people as above, I ran straight to my pc to check out any info about it on the net. My premise is firmly as a non-believer in alien abductions and having checked things out I don’t see any factual evidence/basis for this movie. I think when UFO sightings first started being reported in the 1940s (I do believe people have seen UFOs and other unexplained anomalies), and movies also started popularizing the idea of alien contact (starting with Space Odyssey), things got a bit carried away. The whole thing evolved, much like a social meme (a sort of social ‘gene’), I think the same applies to the idea of serial killers and demonic possessions. Our mind is surely powerful, and mysterious. That’s why, sorry guys, no offence, people who claim to have been alien abductees do so either consciously for some twisted reason, or subconsciously (this is where the powerful mind comes in that we don’t even understand fully) believe it in response to a trauma. I think the latter is hinted at in this movie ie husband killed himself but wife believes was murdered next to her in bed and she felt guilty about it. Mixed in with all of this are themes of demonic possession, disappearances, possible serial killings, ritual/tribal associations with animals – all these things resonate with us. It’s clever, but it’s just entertainment value. I do believe there must surely be other life-forms out there but unfortunately in my lifetime at least they will remain an enigma. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some advanced aliens arrivin g to help us sort out all our issues and problems here on our planet – yet, what if they are actually nasty things looking for a new place to park? Best we sort ourselves out, evolve into better beings and take the initiative. In the meantime, I guess, keep looking 🙂

  96. AFFRIN says:

    Couple Claims Aliens Abducted, Probed Them

    December 22, 2005- A husband and wife in Houston, Texas, claim they have been abducted by aliens several times, including an incident where a fetus was taken from the woman, according to a Local 6 News report. Clayton Lee said he was a child in a Houston park the first time he was abducted. He said he was lifted in the air at the time of the alleged abduction.

    “I remember just floating up higher and higher, Lee said. “And, all that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out.”

    Donna Lee said she lost a baby during one of the encounters. She also drew a photo of the aliens who abducted her.

    Local 6 News showed video of a hypnotist trying to retrieve memories of the abduction.

    “They’re touching me — quit touching me,” Clayton Lee screamed in fear during the session.

    Susan Clancy, who is a Harvard psychiatrist, decided to do research on people’s abduction claims similar to the Lee family’s.

    Clancy ran an advertisement searching for people who wanted to be included in her book about alien abductions.

    “When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we would get very few calls, but we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad,” Clancy said.

    Clancy said she is not a believer of alien abductions.

    “So, people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares, and for better or for worse, today, being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms,” Clancy said.

    The Lees told a reporter that they expect to be abducted again in the future.

    source and references:

    Copyright 2005 by Internet Broadcasting Systems and

    for more case files:

  97. Maria says:

    My gosh people, wake up! Anything that is in a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO BE REAL. It is entertainment, not information. The public enjoys being frightened (it is a break from our mundane lives) so Hollywood obliges and provides thrillers, slasher movies and the supernatural. It will of course make a movie more frightening if you believe that the events are real. Actors act, that is they read the lines that the writer has provided, and react how the director tells them to. The phrase “based on a true story” has no legal meaning; the end of the movie has credits for 2 people who wrote the story, and that is exactly what it is, a story. Sorry to burst your bubble. Besides, how can any thinking adult trust that “archival footage” in a movie is real when I can create the same thing on my home computer using a simple program and a digital camera? I am so tired of people (most especially the news media) using footage from movies to illustrate factual occurances. It is no wonder some poeple seem to have trouble distinguishing reality from fiction when the line between them is becoming more and more blurred in all the medias.

  98. RW says:

    It is a hoax. If you look up facts on the movie properly you would see that the ‘real’ Dr Abigail Tyler in the movie is actually an actress.

  99. Jean says:

    Abigail Tyler is Charlotte Milchard… What saddens me is that someone or some people made a huge amount of money on extent of lost lives and be-littles the families whom are still mourning. A quiet harsh town has and is being harassed by idiotic, nothing else to do perps..lies and false words clouds this movie. And people believe? Really? There’s more important things in life then be consumed by alien abductions. Man creates fear..that’s the only truth here!

    • rohit says:

      i just did a tiny research on the movie and you were right,
      the people are just making up smart documentaries and then earning great profits, i really don’t know about abductions but this was a great movies faked upon it!
      the name of the lady in the movie ” Dr Abigail Emily Tyler” is an actress whose real name is Charlotte Milchard
      and on top of that i did not understand how did the bodies levitate and produces strange noises being residing in the body, this made me suspicious and now i came to know its a well directed fake real incidents movie.

  100. Nightfury says:

    Who cares if things are fake or real. Just darn enjoy the movie already. People are starting to annoy me. Juat watch the movie

    • JShof90 says:

      Many people care about what is fake or real. If we don’t question what is possible or impossible then how are we supposed to expand our knowledge? Just saying… You can’t knock people for their opinions. That’s the sole purpose of the comment box. So if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the blog.

      • frank says:

        I believe his issue is that you found out if it was real or fake to you. you found your own personal belief about it.

        Most movies have a lot of truth in it, but cant right out and say it. the entire history of the movie isnt fake, but the movie itself is fake. but every last detail isnt.

        its a movie to open your mind and eyes. Do research on alien and alien abductions and Sumerian and Annunaki, and why alien abductions happen not if this movie is real or not.

        🙂 hoped this helped

  101. Josh says:

    If the events were in fact real, do you think the authorities would leave any verifiable evidence behind for “researchers” to find? Wake up. You are not supposed to believe in these things. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

  102. I SAW THIS MOVIE AND I FELT IT HAD A SLIGHT AMATUER STYLE TO IT AND I Could have guessed it was a Hoax but preferred it rather was an eye opener.
    Being an Researcher i tried to find something on it as a follow up for my readers and I was blocked and found nothing at all. This told me it was an effort to open eyes and I was happy that the
    Producer and anyone behind it was doing a real job to help others to understand the flexible way that ET’s may be able to go and some of it like pulling a little girl through the roof was a good thought.
    I did coment on it to my readers and I hope you may try ntom work out one on the Rhendlesham Story. I think he may be able to focus his style on such a large story as this one in england as it incorporates Americans as well as English aspects,and it has fine dtails such as the Base Commanders notes and recordings as well as the Sergents drawings not to speak of the little ET’s not mentioned much in the story. But so many were involved and were called liars and went through brain washing aspects I feel this author / Producer could open some eyes on The Rhendlsham story as well. Why not get the money together to try it.

    Terry D. Richardson – UFO Researcher Ufologist & Graphics Artist. AAS / AAS ILLUSTRATOR

    PS. Would be happy to lend my hand into the Art Work needed so if you do lets get together and make a short easy contract to do just this great real story. And this is my first and only comment.

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