The Media-Millenium Brainwash of 2000

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In 1999 the media exploited the (lie) that January 1st, 2000 was the start of the New Millennium. They said only the Purists were celebrating January 1st, 2001 as the actual New Millennium. The media insisted they were correct, and the only ones who complained were the “Purists”. This should be a lesson for all of us when the Media claims they report the truth. “Yeah right!” It seems they report what ever they want, whenever they want, and what will gain them the most profit margin. Because it all boils down to “shares”. TV shares that is. Marketing is the key, and we are the “lab rats”. I sent numerous emails with attached articles to news stations here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, only to never receive a reply. The News Director never wants to admit they’re wrong. Anyway, enough said about that, we the viewers have learned how ignorant the newcasters really are. If the cue cards say the Earth is square, then they’ll report it. What a shame, and what a waste of talent. The next few paragraphs gives an explaination why 2001 was the start of the New Millennium, this is history folks, and as a society, we won’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been.

The third millennium began on Jan. 1st, 2001. The year 2000 was simply the final year of the second 1,000 year period in our present dating system. Our current Gregorian calendar was originally conceived by a sixth-century monk named, “Dionysius Exiguous”, or otherwise known as, “Dennis the Short”. Now Dennis, (his close personal friends called him), was sanctioned by Pope St. John I, to come up with a new chronology in which to settle a dispute the churches had as to the proper calculation of Easter. Many churches followed a method created by the bishop of Alexandria, but some Western churches followed other systems. So “Dennis” prepared a modified Alexandrian computation, in which his new calculations discarded the Alexandrian era of emperor Diocletian, and decided to number the years of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Because Dionysius had not known about our numeric “zero”, which wasn’t fully understood at that time, he neglected to place a zero between 1 BC (Before Christ) and 1 AD (Anno Domini, The Year of Our Lord), and started the birth of Jesus Christ at 1 AD.

Now there seems to be multiple disputes among current religious historians to the actual birth of Jesus Christ. I’ve read anywhere from 4 BC up to 6 BC. Dionysius dated the birth of Christ as 753 A.U.C., but the Gospels state that Christ was born under Herod the Great who died in 750 A.U.C. Here is the first error when calculating the birth of Christ. The next error was when Dionysius, “Dennis” placed the birth of Christ on December 25th, coinciding with the Pagan celebration during Winter Solstice. This was a religous ploy set forth by the church in which to place their new holiday during an already accepted Pagan celebration. Now they can claim the Pagans are actually celebrating the birth of Christ instead of their own holiday. Yes this was a sneaky and underhanded scheme from an organization exploiting their own religous beliefs to better mankind. (hmmm) They also did this once again by adding “All Saints Day” a day after the Druid’s, “All Hallows Eve”. Some of our present day preaching philosophy states, “The celebration of Halloween is actually worshiping the Devil”. (sigh) As always, feeble minded individuals even now who never researched, “All Hallows Eve”, have no clue what it was really about. But that’s another story and I need to get off my soap box and get back to our story..

In the late 1500s, with leap year days stacking up causing the actual date of Easter to hop around coincidentally with similarities to the modern day Easter Bunny, Roman Catholic Pope Gregory XIII added the leap year concept and established the system we use today called, “The Gregorian Calendar”, still based on Dionysius’s calculations of the birth of Christ. Now it seems a few religous historians claim the actual birth of Christ was somewhere during the Spring time. Well Dennis, “Strike Three!”

So what have we learned. Based on our modern day Gregorian Calendar, and not let the media lie between their teeth, and change our minds and our history, the actual start of the new Millennium was, January 1st, 2001!

:article written by Chuck Zukowski, reference material was taken from the Naval Observatory and various religous web sites.


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