UFO investigator working Paranormal “Ghost” investigations? Why?

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Haunted Hand Hotel
Fairplay, Colorado

If you noticed on my website, you’ll see a ghost investigation at the Stanley Hotel. You’re going to see more ghost investigations, too!  The UFOnut team just finished one a week ago and have another set-up next month. More on those later.  So, now I’m being asked, “Why is a UFO investigator doing paranormal investigations?  “Why are you intruding on Jason and Grant’s domain?  Cause my wife likes those guys.. I, uh uh… like them too! Do you have no honor or respect for these types of paranormal investigators and their turf? What about the local ghost investigators?  Oh the humanity, oh the spiritual humanity!

Hmmmm… First, let’s discuss the word “Paranormal” shall we?

Paranormal from Wikipedia:
Paranormal is a general term (coined circa 1915–1920 that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation”, or which indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.

In other words, the word “Paranormal” does not just pertain to ghosts, it covers a whole gambit of situations outside of current scientific explanation.   So a paranormal investigator covers more than just ghosts.  How about “Cattle Mutilations”, or “Strange Artifacts”, “Unusual Carvings”, “BigFoot”, maybe “Alien Abductions” and of course “Unconventional Flying Objects Non-human Unidentifiable Technologies”?  Yep, that’s me.  I’m not just an expert in one field I’m an “expert” in many fields…Uh, I mean I’m not an expert in every field, but try to help people when they contact me.  And when someone has a ghost, ‘Who do they call’?  Well, sometimes, actually me, and it’s probably because I already have most of the equipment your standard ghost hunter has.  So, when someone asks if I can help them, I say, …. “Ok, what the hell?”  Eventhoughghostsscarethehelloutofme!

Now, since I’ve been investigating in the alien abduction field, I’m starting to see a crossover or a fine line, which is being folded between physical entities and non physical entities.  The Stan Romanek case is a perfect example of this.  It seems the energy surrounding an alien abduction is sometimes attracting spirits.  Sorta like an EMF amplifier or a power source which helps spirits materialize.  A Paranormal UFO Investigator needs to know a little about ghost hunting to be able to properly help these types of witnesses.  And yes, when any investigation is venturing out of the field of my expertise, I do contact the individuals who do those types of investigations all the time.  Why?  Well for one, they’re more experienced at their specific field than I am, and two, when an alien or UFO pops up during their specific type of investigation, they contact me.  And I teach them, as they teach me. This becomes a learning experience for both camps which splice through the many different realms of the unknown.

What about ghost investigations?  Well, I’ve done more than my share with only a couple I initiated, and the rest I was asked to help out.  On all but one, I was able to get some type of unusual results.  The one I didn’t get any results from turned into me instructing a large group of high school kids through an investigation.  You know how it goes:  I was setting an investigation up, and one person tells another person, and so on and so on, and it turned into about 14 people who are there to experience the unknown.  I didn’t mind.  Sometimes you have to say, “Oh well” and go with the flow.  The evening turned out to be a lot of fun and I would do it all over again.  If you can’t find fun in this funny business, then it’s time to get out, because it can control you and affect your personal life.  Well, to say it hasn’t affected my personal life would be a lie, but it hasn’t affected my personal life in a negative way, just in an unusual way.

So… in the future if you see ghost investigations on this website, it’s because the UFOnut team was asked to help, and maybe now and then, me or my team will set one up specifically for an “on the job training exercise”, or possibly the need for testing new equipment. And once again;  Why do some people ask me to do these types of investigations and not seek out the actual ghost investigators?  Well, for the past couple of years I guess I’m getting a reputation for looking at the unusual from an analytical point of view.  I won’t call an “Ace an Ace” unless my investigation and methodologies point to that, and if me or my team can’t find any type of evidence which verifies a specific type of incident took place or is taking place, then we’ll report that too!  It’s all about trying to approach these types of investigations with an open mind, being non-biased, and just telling it like it is. These are the similar techniques used between UFO investigations and ghost investigations. As for the techniques which are not similar, well that’s where experience comes in and research. A lot of research and preparing yourself and your team for any type of investigation and what to expect.

I’ve been reading responses to some of my blogs from individuals who just think I’m nuts.  Well, that’s us…UFO Nuts, but either way, I call them the way I see them.  Just like a major league umpire.  If it’s a strike, then yell “Strike!”.  Sometimes it’ll curve into a strike, and other times it will curve out, but, if it’s anywhere near the plate in the batting box, then I’ll let you know and you can make the call.  The team’s job is to inform, your job is to agree or disagree or maybe just be able to relate.  Either way, the information is getting out and being talked about.  That’s the best we can all hope for.

Stay tuned.  Same UFOnut time, same UFOnut channel, because we have some interesting things to share with you in the future and I hope you all enjoy the ride as well as we do.  And that includes ghosts, too!

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