UFO’s Above the Law ( A Book Review )

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As a former Deputy Sheriff, I’ve had other law enforcement men and women tell me about their unusual experiences, from ghosts, to UFO sightings, to cattle mutilations. Always afraid to tell anyone of their experiences because of the ridicule factor, they found some comfort telling me. I guess it was because I’m an investigator and “at the time” a deputy sheriff, they knew I wouldn’t laugh or ridicule them. It’s sad that law enforcement individuals who are expected to give so much of themselves for the public have to feel this way. Not only are they uncomfortable talking to the public about their experiences, they’re also afraid to talk to their command staff. What a shame, and shame on the command staff. ( You know who you are. ) I saw this first hand when I was terminated in February of 2011 from my Reserve position here in El Paso County Colorado, for contradicting the sheriff’s department’s misinformation to the public about a horse mutilation. They said one thing to the press, I said another. As it turns out, the department actually gave the press false information when comparing what they said to the actual case report. Instead of learning about the phenomenon, they decided to ignore it. Not professional and not very smart. But there are law enforcement agencies who do not turn a blind eye to strange phenomenons and actually try to understand them. I’ve been very lucky to work with these departments and the individuals who represent them. Which leads me to this blog.

UFOs, Above the Law. ( True Encounters with Law Enforcement ) I normally don’t do book reviews, but every now and then there is an exception to the rule, and this is the exception. A very big exception.

My good friend Frank Soriano and his close friend James Bouck put together one of the finest and probably only publication on UFO encounters involving law enforcement men and women and their agencies. It is such a pleasure to read these cases and I highly respect those law enforcement representatives who came forward and freely talked about their encounters. Oh sure there are some reports in which the names are not given, and that points back to the ridicule factor, but even though those men or women who didn’t want their name released, still felt compelled to tell their story, and for that, I thank them.

The book starts off with a foreword by good friend, Richard Dolan. Richard is a highly respected researcher in this crazy field we call, “UFOlogy. Richard, the son of a New York City police officer, not only knows this phenomenon but also knows how personal sightings could affect professionals involved in law enforcement. Richard says it best referring to police officers who had sightings, “.. they will find comfort in the knowledge that, just as we are not alone in the universe, they are not alone among their brothers and sisters in blue.

This book prepares the readers by first, defining what a UFO is, then second, mentioning briefly some very important sightings in past history, then third, talking about some very influential people who have had sightings of their own. But if you’re like me, you’re going to dive right into reading the sightings reported by the cops themselves. And as a plus, Frank writes about his own personal experience which changed his life. I especially like the way Frank and James put actual officer/dispatch dialogue in the book too! It makes you feel like you were right there listening to their conversations.

A couple of sightings from the book in which to wet your whistle are, “Chopper Cops and UFO Go Round and Round” and “UFO Gets On Chopper’s Tail”. These cases, from the “Bob Pratt Files”, talks about encounters Police helicopters have with our unknown friends buzzing around the city. Other stories in the book include; “Corrections Officer Observes Huge Triangular Craft Over-Fly Prison”, “Two Policemen See and Shoot Video of UFO and Four Small Humanoid Figures (Argentina)” and “Huge Glowing UFO Hovers Over High Tension Tower and Follows Police Spotlight”, just to name a few. If you want to know more, you’ll have to buy the book. I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

For researchers and investigators, this book is packed full of very important reference information you’ll need to have in your library. It’s also the perfect book for new enthusiasts who want to learn more about this field. Finally to my former brothers and sisters of law enforcement.

This is a must buy, and please don’t hide in your patrol car or alone in the break room reading it, share its knowledge with your peers and help stop the ridicule movement.

At the end of the book Frank and James also have a personal request for the representatives of law enforcement.

( excerpt )

If one person sees a UFO, probably more have seen it also, but are intimidated and scared to come forward. We ask that you stand up and be counted like your brothers and sisters in law enforcement and let everyone know what you have seen. Maybe it can be explained, maybe not. But stand up and be counted.

Thank you Frank Soriano, thank you James Bouck, and a special thank you to all involved within law enforcement who contributed their experiences with us.

UFOs Above The Law “True Encounters with Law Enforcement”

by Frank Soriano and James Bouck,  “Schiffer Publishing Ltd”

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  1. Linda Flechtner says:

    I know several pilots and law enforcement officers. Since joining MUFON, I have asked them casually, if they had ever seen anything strange. They all said that they had seen things that they couldn’t explain, but would not elaborate. They, of course, were afraid to say anything officially.
    I really salute these brave officers for coming forward. I will buy the book and show it to my friends in law enforcement, maybe they will share some of their experiencesn with me.

  2. Jim Bouck says:

    Chuck, thank you for the great review. I am glad you enjoyed it, we are working on the second book and hope to get more fresh reports from law enforcement personnel.
    The website listed above as of this date is not complete and not released yet. Please check back soon.

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