UFO’s Seen During Eclipses !

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Picture of a Sun Spot taken during the eclipse through my 8″ Meade telescope.

Note: The Featured Blog Image of the eclipse with a UFO in it, courtesy of my smart phone App. heh heh

On another website, I won’t mention which, there is a headline, “UFO Seen During Eclipse Caught on Video, May 20th 2012, Tijuana, Mexico.” The UFO in question is the Sun Spot pictured above. To the untrained eye and the individual lacking in elementary astronomy, Sun Spots are always mistaken for UFOs, meteors, or even a rogue planet. But UFO sightings have been reported during eclipses. Why? It’s not because Aliens want to get a better look, it’s simply because more people are looking up at the sky.

First let me define the different types of eclipses in which people have seen UFOs.

Solar Eclipse: As seen from Earth, a Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon either totally blocks or partially blocks the Sun.

Lunar Eclipse: As seen from Earth, a Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the Earth so that the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from hitting the Moon.

Mitsubishi Eclipse: A sport compact car that went into production in 1989 and can cast a shadow of itself on the road if the Sun is behind it, and maybe someone sees a UFO while driving it.  😉

Actual UFO sightings during an Eclipse.

There was a UFO reported during the May 20th Solar eclipse. In Los Angeles, California, a UFO was video taped crossing the shadow of the eclipse. The UFO was high enough to reflect sun light so as to be seen by many observers. (Courtesy, Thirdphaseofmoon)

Other sightings in the past.

July 11th, 1991 Mexico City, Mexico: During a solar eclipse, hundreds saw a metallic object in the sky near the eclipse. (Courtesy, numerous reports)

November 8th, 2003 Newington, Connecticut: Fifteen UFOs were spotted just below  a Lunar Eclipse flying in a vertical formation. (Courtesy Filer’s Files #47-2003)

March 2007, Oxfordshire, England: Derek Hall spotted a UFO in the sky during a Lunar eclipse. The object was a bright glow just to the side of the moon. (Courtesy of oxfordmail.co.uk news.)

August 28, 2007 in Kentucky: A UFO was captured on film during a Lunar Eclipse. (no info to reference)

November 24th, 2008: A video on YouTube shows an object flying diagonally across the Moon during a Lunar eclipse. (Courtesy, YouTube multiple sources)

July 22nd, 2009 Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, China: Scientists at the observatory filmed a UFO during a Solar eclipse for nearly 40 minutes. (Video pulled from YouTube)

July 22nd, 2009 China: The same UFO which was filmed at the observatory, was seen throughout China.

December 21st, 2010 Santago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican  Republic: A man and wife saw a bright bouncing object while observing an eclipse. So distraught over what they saw, they immediately reported it as a UFO. (Courtesy UFOdb)

These are a few cases I researched just to inform the reader that UFOs do get spotted during eclipses. Like many sightings which get reported to various UFO websites, the sighting is dependent on three factors.

1. A populated area: More people per square mile usually generates more UFO sightings.

2. Time of year: Warmer weather, clear nights, generate more UFO sightings.

3. People who look up: People who just take the time to experience Mother Nature. Put the remote down and go outside!

Obviously during an eclipse there are many people looking up, either video taping or taking still photography or simply just experiencing the moment. All three factors are all in play depending on the time of year justified by weather conditions. The previous eclipse, I was only able to experience about 15 minutes of it, until the mountains in the west were covered by puffy clouds. Still, a partial eclipse and a Colorado sunset was well worth it.

I get asked all the time, “Since you’re an investigator, you’ve must have seen hundreds of UFOs.” Well no. An investigator investigates other people’s sightings. If we happen to be in the right place at the right time, we may get to see some too! It took a few years of investigating, sky-watching, and night sky-watching before I saw my first real UFO.

My recommendations for spotting UFOs? Look up! Almost every night before I go to bed, I go outside either the front or back porch and just look up. Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or raining, I do it anyway. Ok, I’m an amateur astronomer at heart, but I love looking at the sky day or night. And if there’s Lightning, and it’s early evening, I’ll make a cup of coffee and sit outside and watch it. Last year I actually saw lightening hit my neighbors house. It blew the plumbing vent right off the roof. I immediately went over to the house to make sure there were no fires because those neighbors were on vacation.

Ok, rambling and got off topic, the reason UFOs are seen during eclipses are because people are looking up. That’s it! Something I generally say at the end of my radio interviews goes like this:

“No matter where you are, no matter what time of day it is, if you’re not outside, go outside, and if you are outside, just look up. You just may see something you can’t explain.”

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  1. Alex says:

    I saw UFO on July 22, 2009. I’ve been researching it ever sense and I didn’t know that was a total eclipse on that day until now.

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