“Mutilated Cow Creepy, Suspicious” (Article from the Valley Citizen)

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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping Deputy Steve Scott with the Custer County Sheriff’s department in Idaho, work on a couple of animal mutilation cases he’s investigating. Deputy Scott encountered his first cattle mutilation in May of 2010 finding no evidence of animal struggle or evidence of human intervention. In May of 2011, the deputy investigated a mutilated bull also finding no evidence of struggle or of human intervention. On October 15th, deputy Scott investigated a mutilated horse in Custer County with similar lack of evidence.

Deputy Scott’s research into cattle mutilations led him to this website and he contacted me. I immediately responded to him asking him how I can help. Through email and phone conversations, I described the cases I personally investigated explaining what I found, what I was looking for, and theories I have. Sending him pictures, notes, and investigative procedures, I want to make sure deputy Scott has all the information he needs to better ready himself in case another mutilation occurs.

I was hesitate to report any conversations I was having with the deputy because at first, what happened to me with my former department, and second, I wanted to respect his anonymity. What changed my mind or who changed my mind was Hope Strong with Idaho’s Teton Valley ‘s news source, “The Valley Citizen”. Hope contacted me through my website to set up an interview. Hesitate to speak with a reporter about an ongoing case especially one which involves a deputy, my mind changed when he told me deputy Scott was the one who had given him my name and my website address.

I learned not only that the deputy’s county, Custer had experienced mutilations, but so has Teton and Madison County. Something very strange and unusual is going on there. The link (at the end of this blog) to Hope Strong’s article, also mentions former deputy Griggs who worked a number of different mutilation cases in the past. Former deputy Griggs believes cults are involved, and even had evidence on a particular case. Even though I don’t completely rule out cults, I’ve personally seen no evidence of any type of cult intervention, or have seen any evidence of human intervention as well. Still, you have to keep all your options open when investigating these types of cases. Even though I may not fully agree with former deputy Griggs’ conclusions, I still applaud him for taking the time and making the effort to investigate mutilation cases. I would also like to thank the department he worked at and the department Deputy Scott works at, for letting them pursue their investigations into the mysterious realm of the mutilation phenomenon.

The following is an exert from Hope Strong’s article:

Deputy Scott has been working closely with former El Paso County, Colo. volunteer deputy Chuck Zukowski, a man who has been studying the paranormal for 25 years and cattle mutilation specifically. Zukowski understands how it sounds when you suggest that aliens were involved with anything. He lost his job as an El Paso County Deputy when he contradicted statements in August of 2010 that suggested a horse was killed by predators.

“In many cases of mutilation, it appears as if the animal was taken somewhere else and mutilated and then dropped back in a field,” Zukowski said. “I haven’t found anything that points to aliens, but I do not believe this is the work of Satanic cults. If it is humans doing this, someone is going to slip up. I wish I could tell you I have found evidence of the occult, but that’s simply not true. We have to place this in the realm of the unknown.

( Link to article )


I was also informed about another mutilation case which happened around October 10th, in Labette County, Kansas. On the “Drover’s Cattle Network” website, the article not only reported the mutilation but also stated that the Kansas Livestock Association is offering a $2500 reward to any individual who can provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the persons involved in the crime.

Thank you Kansas Livestock Association for stepping up and offering the reward. Your decision to motivate the public to help supply information leading to possible conviction of the individuals responsible, is remarkable. Most organizations including some law enforcement agencies prefer to sweep all this under the carpet.

( Link to Drover’s Cattle Network website )


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  1. Christine says:

    Have you and/or the officers you’ve been consulting investigated the local biodynamic farmers? There are two biodynamic farms in Teton Valley, ID.

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